Gods: Mission: Edifice.

Lavender put down the phone and turned to Wehc and Sepia. 
"Alright. What's our next move?"  Wehc shrugged a few bits of grass as he spoke. Lavender's Fearow hadn't mastered the concept of landing. Sepia reached into his pocket and produced a small case.
"Here we are. Vermil's Badge Case.  Eight Cyren Badges." He pointed dramatically to the door. "We take on the league."
"How dramatic." Lavender said, sarcasm rife in her voice. She wandered over to the large, imposing doors and gestured. "If you're coming..."
Sepia strode over to the door. A young girl stood in front of him, dressed in robes.
"Hey kid, you mind?"
The girl did not move.
"Wait... Those robes..." Sepia stepped back slightly. "Guess we have two options, don't we? Either Kiss is still very much alive, or you're a survivor."
"Survivor of what?" The girl asked. 
"You don't know much, do you?" Wehc chimed in.
"I am a Richtog Psychic. Do not presume that I thrive in ignorance." 
"You don't remember?"
"Last thing I remember is the fuss over the Psychics all chanting in unison. Next thing I'm here."
"Why are you in my way, then?"
"I recognise your face." The girl stepped towards Sepia. "I do not know why I recognise your face." She lowered her gaze for a second, before looking straight up again. "There is NOTHING that I don't understand. Tell me why I recognise you!"
"Oh man..." Wehc said, a lightbulb going off in his head. "Remember... When Kiss was freaking?" 
"The little girl..." Sepia knelt down in front of her. "There was a woman... Kiss, we all called her. Guess that was because it was her name... Anyway, she... well, I don't know what happened to her. But she absorbed alot of energy. Psychic energy. This made a lot of people begin to follow her unconditionally. My guess is that they were all Richtog Psychics, drawn to a phenomenally large power. She imprinted on them herself, and then she... exploded. Boom. But not before all of her cultists were killed."
The girl's face grew dim.
"As it all happened, she grabbed one of her cult. A little girl. I'm pretty sure that was you..." Sepia sighed. "It's likely the explosion brought you back to life. Somehow. I don't understand it."
"So... I'm dead?" The girl's eyes began to water.
"No, no, no. You're here now. That's what matters. Ssh." He grabbed her and held her close as she began to cry. "Hey now, I thought you were a tough girl?"
She coughed a little and pushed backwards, pulling herself away.
"Good girl... So, you're a pretty long way from home." He  smirked a little. "You wanna come with us?"
"Sepia..." Lavender interjected. "Is that wise?"
"Come on." He turned to Lavender. "Were you listening to me at all? Like everything to do with us, this is a mystery I'd like to solve."
"I thought the explosion brought her back." Lavender was curt.
"Yeah, but why?" Sepia smiled broadly. "Mystery, my dear..."
"Right, so, moving on." Wehc tapped a hand on the doors. "What's behind door number one?"
An attendant walked over from a nearby counter. "Can I see your badges?"
Sepia stood upright and brandished them proudly. Sure, he hadn't earned most of them, but it would be years before they began tagging them.
"Alright sir. Please enjoy the Pokemon League Experience." The attendant returned to her counter and pushed a button. The doors began to creak open, revealing a large forest. The trees seemed ancient, as if the league had been built around what was possibly Cyren's oldest feature. Sepia stepped forward, the rest following swiftly behind.
"Well I never..." Sepia said to himself, noting the presence of a figure in the centre of the forest. "That's unexpected."
"Your friends should retire to the gallery. There are stairs right next to you." The figure removed a long trenchcoat and threw it over the arm of one of the ancient trees. "This is between us, Sepia."
"Well, shall we?" Sepia said, removing his suit jacket. The shirt underneath, although thoroughly cleaned during his time with Stoenn, still bore the bloodstains it always did.
"I am Rowan, Elite Four master of Nature.  Cower before the very nature of the world!"

The End

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