Gods: Mission: Space Oddity

Lady Kiss Void was watching a few angles of what was going on. She would do up cracks in her view to see into the other world. It was all for the effect. It suited her better than simply a wall of televisions really. "Well--looks like everything is going together. I shall get what I want and--"

"--will you? Can you really see everything on these screens?" said a very familiar voice from behind her. Lady Kiss turned around slowly, as it talked, "never got the name. Void until now--you want to be a compass point. Rule the center of the map."

Lady Kiss rushed around as quickly as she could to see--"oh, no--it cannot... how?"

Standing in front of Kiss was a young Asian girl. A year or two younger than her. In full health--something that kiss had never seen of this girl. She was in a Richtog Vale Psychics school uniform. Lady Kiss admitted that she could understand why she stopped wearing the Team Rockets Psionics Division uniform. Tears filled Kiss' eyes, "Jezi... belle...?"

The girl creates a chair from the air next to her, pulls it out and sits down, "please, milady, call me Mae Lee--like Melee."

Lady Kiss had her back turned to the webbing of tears each with a different view behind her, with her tears blubbering, "but--but... no... you cannot be real. You... you--you're dead!"

Mae Lee gets up to try to comfort Lady Kiss--who backs away. She then returns to sit down, "So, maybe I am not real? What would it matter if I was not? Either, I somehow have came back from the dead--and I am talking to you because of my caring for you, milady. Or I am a product of your mind's desire to torture yourself--make you wonder if your reality is not real. Since dying I kind of learned your self esteem issues. While Krystal has became a real person to you--many of the rest of them are not.

"I mean--in the case I were some psychotic delusion here to pull in your desires to doubt reality. Cause you conflict as to if you really are loved--which you are. Not by Peon--that was you bouncing back to cover up something. Why not just accept my love. Be it real or fake, milady?"

Lady Kiss just blinks, "wow--I guess people do learn more when they are dead."

Mae Lee stands up, "well, there is a chance I may just be a built up image of who I was--sort of romantisising my death sort of thing. I know you will be considering that line of thought. Not accepting that I was essentially a weak frame when you found me. Most of everything I had you gave me, milady. For which I am thankful"

Lady Kiss starts rubbing her temples--visibly looking like she has a headache, "right--you are the dead Jezi--Mae Lee revived. As I just realised I do not want to go over the psychological ramifications of you being a subconscious construction of my mind. Regardless of it you are or not."

Mae Lee runs over to Lady Kiss and hugs her, before asking, "watcha doin'?"

Lady Kiss begun explaining. Unaware that all of her tears required something visible to work--which Origin knew fully well.


The video phone was ringing incessantly. Stoenn gets up from the moving pile of blankets and flesh to look at who was calling. Peter gets up beside him--neither appeared to be wearing anything. "Why do you need to answer that?"

Stoenn sighs, "it is Lavender. She is calling me on the war obviously."

Stoenn gets on a bathrobe to answer the phone. Peter also gets something on to cover himself and says, "looks like tonight is a bust"

Lavender appears on the view screen with Sepia and Wehc in the background, "oh--sorry I interrupted that.."

Stoenn just waves his hands, "no--I am not giving up my personal life because there is a war going on. I am stressed out enough as it is, without removing leisure from my activities. So, should I still be mobilising? The war is up in the air what with Weiss being missing--and presumably dead to most who do not need a body."

Lavender sighs and looks into the screen, "We are at war. Not with Cyren though--but with the Gods themselves."

Stoenn chokes a bit and looks into the monitor, "the Gods? Peter get your stuff together--we need to figure out a course of action."

Sepia turns to see the phone call going on, "Get as many trainers as you can gathered for this. Start a draft if need be."

Stoenn puts his finger onto his lip, "no--I think a volunteer military tends to work better. I will arrange a competition that the prize is a date with a Valkyrie Pilot. The competition will involve them joining a group I can use to help you out."

Sepia answers, "well, no idea what these Valkyrie Pilots are--but if you could use them to help it would be nice."

"I will also begin work to set up ways to supply these trainers of yours with decent supplies. This need not be a BYOG war."

"Bring--your--own... gun?"

"Yeah--a rather under used military term."

"Well--thank you."

"Not a problem--it is not everyday you are asked to fight a war on the gods themselves."

Peter had put together a few computers together from his pack and begins his ritual, chanting before the "interfacing":

I am a node of Network.
Born of flesh and blood.
Enhanced by the power of Network.
My scripts are my focus of my will.
My connections with others is my strength.
My tools are my knowledge.
Information is the blood of my vessel.
I am part of the much greater Network.
My flesh is weak--but my connection is eternal.
Therefor, I am part of God.

Sepia looks over both Lavender and Stoenn's shoulders to see Peter chanting, "or that you create them. Also, be certain to check in with Krystal in a bit. She will be in Rabatta."

"I will shortly."

The End

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