Gods: The Mission

Let me explain. Government sources refuse to comment on the Jirachi 7 incident. President Weiss is believed to have perished in the incident, and as the impending internal elections for the role of vice-president have not yet occurred, no figure is available to fill his position in these times. The Cyren government has been thrown into chaos, and this isn't really surprising, Mark. This government needs to be held account for its failures in dealing with the needs of its people. This former government has worked to undermine family values wherever possible, and frankly the people of Cyren have spoken. Their cry is "Enough!". Don't be fooled, Mark. And this goes for everyone out there watching the Grant Jackson Show here on Vulpix News. I believe this government has engineered this to avoid war with Towan, and to draw attention away from the crises within our nation. Terrut City's citizens disappear, and we get a press release? Something like this would NOT have happened under our previous government!




Sepia turned his gaze away from the television. Even in the relatively desolate streets of Terrut, whose population consisted mostly of grieving families still clearing away possessions after all this time, the televisions still worked. Still stuck on the channels they were on in the beginning.

"Sickening, isn't it?" Max said, appearing at his side. "Exploiting a situation to promote your own agenda. Guess both sides are guilty of it, really."

"To be fair, I think Weiss didn't really understand what he was getting himself into." Roy placed a rucksack down in front of them. "This was the only bag I could find. Will it do?"

"Should be fine." Sepia said, lifting it up. He tossed it back to Roy. "You're going on a mission."

"Just me?"Roy said, blinking. Sepia gave him a blank look.

"No. We need to be fighting a two-front war here." Sepia watched the rest of Team Temporal gather around him. He took his opportunity and stood on a wooden bench on the side of the road. He spoke to the group with passion. "We can't fight Deoxys on our own. If he succeeds in reviving Arceus and Regigigas, we are beyond lost. Unless, and this is a big unless..." Sepia lowered his tone a bit. "Unless we can recruit."

"Recruit?" Max said, concerned. "Like an army?"

"We're fighting gods. We need an army." Sepia took another step up, onto a trash bin. "Krystal and Roy, you head to Rabata. Try and drum up support there among the scientific community. Krystal should be well known enough to get by." Krystal nodded, turning to Roy. He seemed a little more trepedatious. "Hari and Fuschia, head to Richtog Vale. Get the psychics and Silph on board." Hari looked slightly worried, but Fuschia put an arm around him, smiling. His tone changed marginally. "Max and Fujitsu, you get Attara. I know enough about you, Max, to know you'll manage. And, well... Fujitsu, I think you should stop at Miasma again." Max and Fujitsu nodded silently. "Lastly, Wehc. You're with me."

"Where are we going, boss?" Wehc said, stepping forward.
"The same place we always go." Sepia said, narrowing his gaze. "Straight to the top." He pointed down the street to the mountain in the distance. Mt Attara's western peak - the home of Cyren's Pokemon League.




"You have a choice now."

The mountains surrounding Fel City were dark. Cloud formations swirling above them were growing increasingly dense, and the light hitting Weiss' face was growing less and less. Polaris simply stood silent, a look of sadness on his face.
"You can agree to join me, and put yourselves to use. Or, you can die."

"Why are we any use to you?" Weiss said, a rage inside him like he'd never felt. "Why all of this?!"
"My compatriots are sealed away. With you, I can repeat the process I used with Schwarz. I can bypass the seals and make life so much easier for myself."

"And our options are to die or lose control of our bodies?" Weiss shouted back.

"There is a third option." Deoxys floated over to the sullen Polaris, running a tendril over his face. "I can use you against your will. I prefer this to killing you. It would be such a waste of good tools."

"I..." Polaris's face grew more dark as a tear ran down his cheek. "I thought I was doing the right thing. I thought I would be saving people..."

"A man offered you power, and you seized it as soon as you could." Deoxys held Polaris with his tendril, as if comforting him. "You lied to those who trusted and respected you, and willingly gave yourself over to the enemy." Polaris began to weep openly. "Don't cry. You musn't cry. The future is much too exciting for you to cry."




Roy looked in the bag he had been given as Team Temporal began to walk to the Pokemon Center. Krystal had assured them all she could rework the Box system to function as a transport. He was unsure, but his thoughts were entranced by the bag.

"What is it?" Fujitsu asked. He seemed more like he was trying to engage Roy in meaningful conversation than actually provoke conversation.

"It's a passcode. Sepia said he found it while we were in Pewter's lab." Roy was staring at the metal box. "Seems this device updates with a new code every so often, keeping it relatively secure. I think the bag was just to keep it safe."

Fujitsu was nodding along, but Roy could tell he wasn't really listening. As they entered the Center, Krystal rushed over to the terminal.

"Okay, this should only take a moment." She was hitting keys furiously. "I worked this out while I was travelling. See, Jirachi 7's gravity field saved us because it works on the same principles as the box. One spawned the other, so to speak. Its about anchoring people, keeping them where they should be and - if they're not - moving them. Now, Kiss' mental overload was what caused the teleportation. Again, same principle. Connecting with an entity and moving it to a safe location. It should be limited to Pokemon, but if I've learned anything from the appearance of Origin, its that we possess enough similarities to fool the system. There!" She stopped tapping and hit a big, red button. The machine began to whirr, and she disappeared. Roy shouted a little in disbelief, a surprise that lead to a genuine scare when the phone rang. Max rolled his eyes and answered it. Krystal's image appeared on the videophone.

"Alright, see? I'm calling you from Rabata. Nice, sunny Rabata. Just choose a location and press the button. The machine will do the rest. Oh, and don't panic. I've set it to erase these mechanics after two hours. So, get to it!" She smiled broadly at the camera before ending the call. Fuschia stepped forward first and followed the instructions: Choose the location, push the button. Simple. She disappeared too, and one by one the others followed, until none remained.




"Right, well, here we go." Sepia said to Wehc, although he was half psyching himself up. They were stood at the foot of Mt Attara's second peak, ready to ascend. He turned to face his companion only to see Wehc staring into the distance. He followed his line of sight to see a woman rushing after them, shouting.

"Hold on!" Sepia recognised the woman. It was Lavender, Stoenn's second in command. They had met briefly in Richtog Vale, after all.

"Well, well. Lavender. What a pleasant surprise." Sepia said, somewhat dubious of her sudden appearance.

"I've been sent... by Stoenn..." She was panting, catching her breath. "I'm supposed to help you. His way... of getting involved without... actually doing anything." She breathed deep and sat down, looking exhausted. "Plus, I have a Fearow. Saves climbing." She smiled, but Sepia simply bent over, narrowing his eyes at her, before standing up again.

"Right! Okay, then! Off we go!" He said, enthused. Wehc cast him a dubious look, but it went unnoticed.

"Wait, there's something else." Lavender said, adjusting her glasses. "We've begun to mobilise in the event of war. Tell me, please, do you know a reason why we should stop?"

"Oh, right. Allow me to explain everything..."




"Where... where am I?" A young girl in robes stood up, slightly shaky. She felt like she'd been through a lot, but her memory was sketchy. "Wait... This is... Why can't... Okay." She stopped herself mid sentence and began taking stock. "Celadon Meadows. I live in Richtog Vale. Mother Mary, Father John. The last place I was..." She thought hard. "Where was I?" She looked around her. The imposing front of the Pokemon League, a shining building whose design was unmatched in Cyren. She recognised it immediately. "OK. Well, new questions." She ran over to an employee who was entering through a side door. He was clutching a newspaper. The girl quickly swiped it and began to read. "Right. Okay. I've lost six weeks." The man leaned over and put on a face she'd seen before.

"Are you okay, little girl?" The man asked, sounding as patronizing as possible. She rolled her eyes.

"Yes, I'm fine. No, I haven't lost my mother or father. Well, sort of, but there's nothing you can do there." She reached into a pocket of her robes and pulled out a card. She handed it to him. He glanced at it and sighed.

"Oh, you're one of those Richtog Psychics. I never met one before."

"I'm sure you also know that to be one, you have to be not only very intelligent, but also completely independent. I am both of these things. You can go. I'm fine on mine own."
"Whatever, kid." The man snatched his newspaper and walked inside. The girl stepped back and surveyed her surroundings again.

"Okay, I'm stranded. This isn't going to be a challenge at all..." She said to herself, her voice rife with sarcasm.




You have a plan?


Yes, but I'm afraid it requires you to make a sacrifice.


But why?


The future requires that the one known as 'Kiss' gains the infinite power of Richtog Vale's Conduit, Pallet, by using your friend Hari as a connection. This will draw the meteor to her, ultimately causing her to be at the center of the impact and causing far greater devastation than it should. If you can stop this, then the true enemy will be revealed, and I can set my plan in motion.


And I have to die?


I can see no other way.


And Saffy won't have died in vain?


If you do this, Vermillion, you will make Saffron more important than you can ever imagine.




The End

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