Titans; Omake: Q&A

Doctor MacKealan picked up her P*DA. It contained a fair amount of emails to be answered on her Vlog this week. She had not gotten a chance to check them--but they were usually the same questions on Shadow Pokemon, becoming a member of Team Snag'em, stuff on help from the Rangers.

She sits down in front on her computer flipping on the webcam, "Hi~ Dr. MacKealan here. Doing my sing along blog. Figured I'd answer some of the questions you have about my work here at Spectrum Labs."

She punches up a few buttons on the P*DA the letter appears both for her and the audience.

Dear Krystal;

What do you imagine are the major developments of the Jirachi space train series? Do you see a fairly decent way of travelling in space as thus?


Kelly Wall

Dr. MacKealan just shakes her head trying to figure it out. "Space? Train? Wait... what?"

She does a bit of a double take back and forth looking back at the camera, "Right--while a very novel notion, the Jirachi holographic devices take up a huge amount of power. The generators required on the Jirachi-9 to allow it to even try to navigate Earth at any amount are just insanely huge. To make escape velocity the required amount of power would be mind boggling huge.

I do not see any future for Jirachi's to be used in such a fashion unless some kind of major upgrade could be done to its usage of power."

Dr. MacKealan just shakes her head. Hits another button on her P*DA.

Dear Krystal;

When you first met Roy, and he thought you were a hallucination. Why did you not do anything to tell him otherwise? Were you playing hard to get?

Yours Truly,

Kara Thompson

Dr. MacKealan does another double take and grumbles under her breath, "it is going to be another of these ones."

She looks directly into the camera, "I am really not certain about this... but what are you talking about? I met my wonderful Roy while on vacation in the Cyren Region after lab stress made me figure it was time. I was in the Terrut Opera house--some French girl was singing. I headed back stage and met up with Roy and his Pichu running around dealing with stuff back there. I do not recall any hallucination stuff there.

"He did suggest I should get out from there not being staff--but then his Pichu kind of tugged at him for me to stay. He was very sweet."

Dr. MacKealan grimaces and hits a button on her P*DA.

Dear Krystal

What exactly occurred at the Kanto Incident?


Denise R.

The good doctor smiles quite a bit more, "finally! A question that does not sound like something out of one of Celetwo's really badly written self insertion fictions.

"Well, after the ability swap device was a great success, I felt a bit more confident to work on another machine. The ability swap device kind of struck me as harder to sell than anything. The next day it hit me: why not use hard light holograms to create some kind of propulsion craft?

"I began working over the next few days on a prototype. I under estimated the power draw it would require. Being located in the Researchers Group area in Kanto at the time--we were given priority on the power draw from the Power Plant. There was a slight issue on the generator the exact same day I tried my first Jirachi Train prototype. The prototype ended up put electricity into the air in my lab due to an unexpect large surge--which then caused the air in my lab to go plasma. I think there was a similar wiring issue in the Kanto Plant.

"Between the wiring causing the air in my lab to end up becoming a form of capacitor, the power draw I was using, a similar wiring issue in the Power Plant, a glitch in the generator and a spark in my lab--well, it went up like the Hindenburg.

"You will note that I regularly check my lab wiring to ensure than I do not end up having anything open that would make my local air supply start to act as a charged battery storage device. I will give a link to an entry on electrical operations with some citings to people like Professor Tesla for people who want to learn more."

Dr. MacKealan points below here, "any information should appear down there," then points to the right, "or over there. Rate, like and subscribe."

The End

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