Titans; Omake: Q&A

    "And wouldn't you know it? There's another Omake!" yelled Fujitsu, wearing a straight jacket, sitting in the crater of some abysmally small planet that would be better off called an asteroid. "Hey everybody, it's-"
    Darkitsu hit him upside the head, causing him to float up and perform continuous somersaults. There was another small asteroid planet thing by him, and when he came to a certain range, an unknown force pulled him towards it, and rather fast, making him crash rather hard.
    If you haven't already guessed, they're in space.
    "Come up with your own material!" Darkitsu yelled at Fujitsu.
    He replied, "Too much work." He didn't even bother to get up.
    Before you go any further, Darkitsu, tell me, what are your thoughts on the recent chapter of Team Temporal?
    "Who said that?" he called cautiously, looking around. "Who's there!? Why are you narrating us?"
    Just answer the question.
    "Yeah, Darkitsu! Answer the question," Fujitsu chirped, jumping up and down like a hyperactive little kid.
    "Uhm... sure...." he responded tentatively. "Stop narrating for me. Anyway, I thought it was good, I guess. It was getting kinda dark, but I liked that better than what it was before."
    Ha ha ha. Dark. Geddit? Cause he's DARKitsu?
    "Shut the hell up."
    Fujitsu, what do you think of the recent character development?
    "Eh. Needed more cowbell," he said, shrugging.
    "Well, I'm kinda angry that people are knowing more about my past," Darkitsu said angrily, surely enough. "It's like we don't have any privacy."
    Wehc, popping out of nowhere and landing on some sort of ship debris as if it had some sort of gravity of its own, called, "Like we had any privacy before? Deal with it. Besides, you're getting more character development next chapter."
    Ah, Wehc. Tell me, what are your thoughts of the future events?
    "Whatever is goin' to happen, it's going to give me one hell of a book to write," he responded, lighting a cigar. "Man, I missed these."
    "Hey, mind if I ask you something?" Darkitsu asked nonchalantly.
    As long as you give me an offering of a PS3, sure.
    Continuing as if he hadn't heard that (jerk), he inquired, "Why the hell do this asteroids or whatever the hell they are have such a strong gravity feild? It's kinda hard to stand."
    That? Well, because these planets are so small, the gravity increases on them.
    "I don't buy that for one second."
    Alright, how's this? Inside these planets are every ultra-powerful reference of Team Four Star that you can make locked in a high-security cage.
    "Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level? It's... one-thousand and six. Huh, what? You mean...? Yep, kick his ass, Nappa. YAAAAAY!" issued from Fujitsu's planet, making him want to dig with his teeth to get to the center.
    "This makes no sense," Darkitsu mumbled.
    "As you've said before, Aspect," Wehc replied, "this is out of continuity. It doesn't have to make sense."
    Darkitsu just flipped him off and sat down, trying to meditate.
    Alright, Fujitsu, what would like to see in Gods, besides more cowbell?
    "More of me," was all he said.
    You already know the answer to that.
    Wehc, what about you?
    He responded, "Character development of my own. You've barely used me at all."
    Don't worry, BSTF/ Eternal Berg has your back on this. Anything else?
    "Yeah. Actual damn use of my connections with the Mafia. I would also like to see where Darkitsu goes with that training of his."
    Dunno about the Mafia thing, most definitely the training.
    "And that's about all the time we have left, folks!" Fujitsu yelled, not unlike a game show host. "Next up on our schedule is Harlot/ Katrina's part of the Omake!"
    Yup, but before you go....
    All of a sudden, there was a bright light, and everybody was instantly teleported to a wrestling ring, where the bum-like super hero Hancock was sitting.
    ... all of you are getting your heads shoved up each others' asses.
    Darkitsu looked up to the sky with disgust. "You're freaking sick."
    Don't care. You guys need to be off the Omake stage, unless it's brought here.

    This part of the Omake has been brought to you by:

The End

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