Titans; Midnight: Hit The Deck (Part 2)

      "... Alright where the hell is everybody?" Max asked, looking around with caution.
    Wehc's plan turned out to be a full-blown success. Team Temporal's relentless attack through the attempted barricades of Team Rockets made everything seem like child's play. For starters, the Temporal side had almost every element, which means a wider group of status inflictments could be cast upon the enemy and more strategies could be planned with all the different stats amongst the team.
    Team Rocket, on the other hand, were pushovers. Their main downfall was the narrow variety of pokemon. Their pokemon mainly consisted of Normal, Flying, some Dark and some Psychic types. They also didn't have that wide a variety of pokemon WITH those types either. And that's an understatement. Said pokemon themselves were really under-leveled, too. The grunts' teams mainly consisted of some "First Evolutions" (ironic since they weren't even evolved forms), and seldom had their evolutions. Each individual team wasn't even that big.
    They were really just a nuisance, in short. Though suspicions began to rise ever since they stopped showing up.
    Responding to Max, Sepia said, "I don't know, but something isn't right here." He sat down, back against the wall. The lights turned back on for the umpteenth time.
    "N-nobody has been at-t-ttacking us for a couple of floors now," Hari said, stuttering as usual.
    Sepia took out a cigarette and Wehc offered to light it, though he lit it before he could answer, so it was pointless for him to offer. Sepia closed his eyes and took a deep breath, trying to get rid of some anxiety and clear out his thoughts.
    "Let's see.... We began fighting on the basement floor, and they disappeared at around... the seventh floor?" he asked, looking to everybody for confirmation, though it was more of a statement to begin with. Roy and Darkitsu nodded.
    "And how many floors are there?" he continued.
    "Not including the catwalks," said Darkitsu, "thirteen. This may be a set-up for a trap."
    Wehc puffed on his cigar some. He took it out of his mouth and started wagging it, dumping ashes, saying, "From what I've learned in my time, that WILL be the case. The question is 'when?', though."
    "I-in-n any c-case, w-why do-don't we take a-a break-k-k?" suggested Hari rather hopefully. From the looks of things, anxiety was really getting to him, so everybody sympathized with him and those who weren't already sitting, did so and returned their pokemon to their respectful balls; the hallway was incredibly cramped with every last one of them out.
    During the break, everybody took the time to take in their surroundings. They noticed how nice and expensive everything looked. Elegant paintings and astonishingly detailed wall ornaments were hung, the wallpaper was smooth and looked suspiciously like real marble, the seats were nice, polished and plushy, etc, etc. It was a real beauty. Such a shame six of these floors were practically in shambles.
    "Alright, ten minutes is enough. Let's move on," Sepia said with authority, pulling himself up.
    "Aw, can't we just stay here?" Roy complained, reluctantly getting up.
    Striding past everybody else and looking back, Wehc replied, "Well, if you WANT to be recaptured so badly, I suppose we could abandon you here." He was please to see that Roy was frightened at the concept. Darkitsu was glaring at Wehc, but said nothing and followed suit.
    It was a rather dull trip up the floors. Darkitsu almost wanted some Rocket goons to attack them from nowhere; he liked having adrenaline pumping through his veins and kicking the sorry ass of the fools. But it was for the best that nothing happen to them on the way up. The potential trap awaiting them could need all of the strength they had to offer to get out of it. Still, the dullness made everything go by so slowly.
    Walking down a long hallway, walking up a short stairway. Walking down a long hallway, walking up a short stairway. Walking down a long hallway, walking up a short stairway....
    "Boy, would you stop mumbling that? We're on Floor 13 now." Wehc growled, annoyed.
    Roy shook his head and Darkitsu slapped him a little bit, attempting to act like Fujitsu. "How long did that take, anyway? Twenty minutes?"
    "Nine, actually," someone said.
    Everybody froze. That voice didn't belong to any of them. They did, however, know somebody with that voice, and that somebody was not a friendly person.
    Without even turning around, Darkitsu said, "Don Giovanni, how nice of you to pay a visit." There was a noticeable amount of hatred in his voice. Everybody decided to take the chance and turn around. Giovanni was standing with good stature in a doorway by the stairs.
    "That's Viridian Giovanni, Fujirai," Giovanni replied curtly, scowling. "And don't you dare speak to your creators like that."
    Darkitsu scowled in turn and walked to the back of the group (or the now-front) and stopped a couple of yards from where Viridian stood. His body posture was very agressive. "I will talk to you any way I want to DON, and as far as I'm concerned, I'm not a part of your cruel organization anymore."
    Giovanni shook his head, his expression the same. "And to think that you aced the Psychology Test. You were one of the more promising Aspects."
    "It's very easy to act like a mindless drone, Don," sneered Darkitsu. "Even Daebi could do it."
    Viridian's face lightened up a bit. He even grinned mischievously. "Ah, yes, that Spectrum Aspect. I feel that we messed up her mind-"
    "Anything that had free will had a 'messed up mind' in your peoples' eyes," Darkitsu interrupted. "You're the messed up ones here."
    "Oh, I wouldn't interrupt me again, if I were you." Giovanni said, his grin more prominent. "Otherwise, I will be forced to keep your lady friend, maybe perform some tests on her."
    Everybody except Max, Sepia, and Wehc gave him a questioning look. In response, Giovanni grabbed something from behind him. At first glance it was a stretcher, nothing more. Then he moved to the side and Hari and Roy gasped.
    A heavily sedated Krystal was tightly strapped down to the stretcher.
    "So, you've been reduced to holding little girls hostage. I must say, that is rather pathetic," called Wehc from the now-back, finishing his cigar and tossing it to the ground.
    "She is hardly a little girl anymore, Mr. Notslrahc," he replied to Wehc. Then he turned back to Darkitsu and said, "What do you say? You know what experiments we can perform, why don't you choose? Or perhaps we should just end her like.... Who was that pathetic failure again? Fujogre?"
    Horrible, horrible decision. Darkitsu impulsively gave a howl of ballistic rage, then shot his hand out as if to push the air. However, something unexpected happened: his hand vanished. Before that could register to Giovanni, the stretcher with Krystal on it shot towards Team Temporal. His hand reappeared immediately.
    Darkitsu leaped over the oncoming object and Roy caught it, trying to properly examine Krystal's condition. Before Viridian regain his thoughts, Darkitsu pounced onto him and unleashed started pounding mercilessly on him.
    "DON'T- YOU- EVER- SPEAK OF- ANY-THING- TO DO- WITH THAT- EVER- AGAIN!!!" he screamed from the top of his lungs, spitting everywhere, inbetween each punch. He was exausted, but he raised his hand anyway and a black-purple aura engulfed it. "I FEEL SORRY FOR ANYBODY WHO HAS FEELINGS FOR YOU! YOU'D MAKE A HORRIBLE FATHER! BUT BEFORE THAT CAN HAPPEN, DIE!!!"
    The was no questioning it. Darkitsu was prepared to kill Viridian Giovanni, he was GOING to kill him. Even Giovanni himself could see it, plain as day, in his eyes. He was in a frenzy. Blood wasn't enough for him. He wanted a life. Giovanni was shaking, and bracing himself for the final blow.
    But before Darkitsu could give it, Wehc and Max pulled and dragged him away from Giovanni, shocked at the irony of the choice of saviors. Darkitsu struggled to get away from him, but Wehc quickly changed his position so that he was holding him in too strong of a full-nelson to break out of.
    "Let- me- GO!!" he demanded, kicking uselessly.
    "No such luck, Aspect. Besides, since when do you give orders to us?" Wehc responded, flexing his muscles, making an ever stronger hold.
    "C'mon, Fujitsu, this is getting kinda scary," Roy called from the stretcher, looking fearful. "Can't you have Darky laugh it off or something?"
    There was a pause, in which Darkitsu gradually started to calm down. Then, surprising those who had suspicions, he just burst out laughing. In fact, that could have been an understatement. He cracked up so spontaneously it was as if somebody had pushed a "Laugh, Goddamnit" button on him. It was genuine laughter, too. None of it was him acting like Fujitsu. Even more surprising, that tantrum of laughter had to have lasted three minutes before he calmed down from THAT. There was still a smile on his face at the end.
    Max, feeling it was safe, nodded to Wehc, who released him. Darkitsu plopped to the ground, then picked himself up. He looked at Giovanni in contempt. He was still on the ground, his face becoming a black, blue, and red mark. His nose was most likely broken, he had numerous bruises and his lip was swelling and bleeding. But that wasn't what Darkitsu was smiling about.
    "You know, Don," he said, "you people call that zombie Daetwo the perfect Aspect. You people are idiots."
    "What!?" was what Viridian possibly said.
    "Daetwo is a mindless drone with awesome power. She's nothing but your own super-weapon. Not to mention that she's the one who's truly messed up in the head. She's only a ghost of a toy.
    "Daebi, on the other hand, is weak with only one truly extraordinary power, but she has too much of a free mind that her lack of sanity prevents it from being perfect. She was able to run away from you people, but still considers us to be the enemy, one that she could like, though. And she feels like she can do whatever she desires to.
    "Then there's me. I'm not as powerful as Daetwo, and I don't have amount of free will as Daebi, but what I do have is... control."
    He took small break and breath, then continued. "I control my own destiny, my own power, for the right purposes. I know what's right and who to consider the enemy. I actually have a MIND. That is what makes me who I am, THAT is what gives me freedom, THAT is what makes me the PERFECT Aspect!"
    He paused, then finished. "That is what makes me a complete being."
    There was something in his voice that no doubt nobody has ever heard in it, something that was indistinguishable from everything else, even from his expression and stance.
    Wehc couldn't help but smile at that. He would be proud, too, if he thought he was a complete being compared to other created experiments. Was he the perfect Aspect because of that, though? Only time could tell, but he was willing to bet "yes."
    "Such a shame you gave up your wholeness, though" Darkitsu said, shaking his head.
    "What do you mean by that?" Giovanni possibly asked.
    Darkitsu sighed. "You people have the ability to create life, you HAVE created life, and yet you just throw it away like a broken toy, labeling dozens of creatures as 'failures'. It isn't right, it's so morally wrong. They have come to appreciate you in the month you spent developing on them, they respected you and came to like you after those tests and false speeches about their potential, then you just end them. What will happen when you have a child? If he turns out not to be the thing you wanted, will you just kill it then have another?"
    Viridian was at a loss for words.
    "I rest my case," concluded Darkitsu, as he turned on his heel and left him.
    "How is she?" he asked Roy, striding up to the stretcher.
    "Sleeping like a baby," he replied cheerfully.
    Before Darkitsu could reply, Sepia said, "I think we've wasted enough time here. Best we get moving."
    The two of them nodded, and waited until everybody was moving so that they could push the stretcher behind them.
    Unfortunately, they were headed out of the frying pan and straight into the fire.

The End

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