Titans; Midnight: Hit The Deck: Woman Behind the Scenes

"Krystal did you need to cut power again?"

Krystal was in a mess of tangled wires. Anacondas all over this engine room. You think they would have somebody organised enough to set up rat ways and ties for these, "Right c, I pulled the wrong one."

"Wrong one? You have a purpose for these random pullings of wires?"

Krystal was going through the wires--almost sorting them really. Rewiring the Jirachi-7 almost entirely. Krystal bites a wire and pulls out her Daemon's Notebook, "This ship does have an entry in here--I never told anybody of it. Never got a chance before the Kanto Incident. I had no desire to after wards. I did NOT invent this. It was a wreckage found in an explosion I was at ground zero for. I did not recognise this as being anything in my laboratory. I hated that these were built."

"Now that you know--what is different?"

"Well, knowing is half the battle. I know that after this proper wiring job, this thing will no longer exist. I know that doing this wiring will allow me some control on this. I also know that this will also cut down on various radiations that make it so Daebi has issues approaching this space train."

c just looks around confused then back at Krystal, "wait--why would this thing create temporal radiation? Is it because it gives me a headache just trying to figure out where it came from?"

Krystal shakes her head, and looks over to the generator, "these Jirachis use a specific form of generator that under improper usage creates tachyon, reverse tachyon, quincy particles and several other nasties. Considering I still have that program I wrote in the futures, that Vermil gave me to decrypt and reverse engineer on how to deal with the various Aspects better--having a time looped item like that really does not give off that much for radiation... unless it is uranium that never existed outside the loop and then it gives off its normal radiation."

The train shakes. Krystal hits together a few cords while looking at the Daemon's Notebook entry. Krystal then runs down a few other places in the engine room of the Jirachi-7 to avoid any Mechanics and Technicians that would come by.

Krystal pops out, and then hits up a few more wires--correcting issues. Constant sitting on Krystal's accuses, "that is not the real reason--why are you FIXING the Jirachi-7?"

Krystal shakes her head, "I do not know why--this is a similar feeling to the first time I was around Daebi though. I want to have the knowledge of this thing working right. I need to do this to know."

Constant puts her tiny hands on her hips, "Know what?"

Krystal hits a few more wires together, "I no longer know what I want to know. I am assuming it involves science and enlightenment stuff. c hand me a spanner will you?"


On the other end of the ship, Krystal had pulled out her P*DA. She was scanning through it as intently as she could. She needed knowledge. She wanted to learn. She needed to know why and how things worked. She was unable to stop herself.

The End

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