Chapter 1: Wuji Worries

"Now Vesuvius, finish with Ember!" the roaring fire spewed from my Cyndaquil's open mouth turning my opponents Mareep into a literal roast lamb. "Don't feel too bad" I announced congratulating my less than pleased opponent, "this was my 5th victory in a row"

"Really?" he gasped with glowing crimson cheeks "are you going to take on the gym leader?", he squelled as I gripped him by the collar and and pressed my nose against his. I can still remember the pure terror in his eyes as I whispered    

"You better tell me where that gym is, and fast", through a pool of sweat and tears he revealed that Viridian City was just over that hill. With that, I released him allowing him to meekly crumble to floor and set off to my first gym battle.

Viridian City was a big place. It was overlooked by the most mesmorizing mountain and led to a deep forest which apparently led to the next city. That information I got from signposts, which it turned out were much more helpful than the locals. Eventually I found a silver haired lady with enough human decency to answer my questions.

"The gym? Right over there" she pointed causing her metal bracelets to slowly slide down her pale arms, "the gym leader isn't there though. Somethings come up" I cursed under my breath and then thanked her. I'd barely taken two steps towards the forest before she stopped me, "you're not going through the forest on your own are you?"

"Of course I am" I retorted, "why? Is it dangerous" my voice was actually filled with childish giddiness rather than fear. But one cold stare from her colourless eyes made all that disappear.

"Let's just say a small band of petty thieves have all of a sudden got their act together. I can't stop you from going in the forest, so all I'm saying out for Team Wuji"

"Team Wuji" I repeated burrowing my frow in a confused manner. I stared at my feet for not even a second but in that time the women had vanished, leaving nothing but her words of wisdom.

I stood on the edge of the forest for quite some time; maybe I was scared after all. Vesuvius on the other hand was eager to explore and why wouldn't he be? The forest was crawling with bug pokemon...but that wasn't the only thing the forest contained.

"Do you hear that Vesuvius?" I whispered after less than a minute of entering the forest. Something had broken the silence. Voices. They were angry, no, they were agitated and anxious; even afraid. But what of?

"There it goes again?" one voice roared. Others joined in with similar exclamatives. I heard running. Heavy feet hitting the forest floor. Pokemon roaring. Was that a tree falling? Was something burning? It wasn't until I returned Vesuvius to his pokeball, did I realise how clammy my hands were. I really was scared. I was god damn terrified. The forest around me was burning, I could see Heracross flying from the forest and Leavanny frantically collecting their young. The footsteps were getting closer as my heart beated faster. For a moment everything was silent, for in that moment me eyes fell on the source of all this trouble.

They wore uniforms. Ice white but with medieval armour and helmets. It was a man and a woman whose armour was black and white respectively. Even with the fancy drag, my eyes couldn't help but look at their logo, located on the chest. A very stylised 'W'; I had a hunch what it stood for. Both criminals looked terrified; I imagined that I did as well. The man had a Skorupi and the woman had a Stunky. Both pokemon were shaking with fear.

"Oshawott, Water Gun!" all three of us turned to see who had interrupted our meeting. Only I knew full well who it was, even without turning my head.      


The End

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