Gen I provided us with 151 pokemon; some I adore and some I actively dispise, so I decided to change the orignal kanto pokedex to accomodate 151 pokemon that I love. This inspired me to write a fanficion set in my modified kanto with new gym leaders, new villianous team and an orignal plot...hopefully.

My feet thud on the steps, jerking my throat into my mouth with each movement. I've batted before; more times that I can count. But this was no ordinary battle. As my eyes fall on my opponent, I allow my mind to drift back to the first day I met him. The day that started this almost surreal adventure...

"Watch out the Nidorino's charging"

"Chandelure use Hex", the Nidorino grunted and struggled, using all its brute strength to try and attack the Chandelure; but it was useless. Hex had the Nidorino completely unable to charge, no matter how hard it scrambled at the ground with its large feet "Full power! Send it flying", almost effortlessly the Nidorino was blasting across the grass. A defeated groan filled the area as it landed on the ground with a mighty crash.

"Ready Vesuvius", I will always remember that moment when my Cyndaquil leapt from my arms as I reached into my pocket. Words cannot describe the sensation of throwing your first pokeball. The adrenaline of throwing and the suspense of capture combine to create a euphoria like no other. 

"Chandelure, return" embarressingly, I'd completely forgotten about the trainer who'd done all the hard work; the acclaimed hero from Pallet Town who'd collected all 8 badges. I'd been told he was the best trainer Pallet Town had ever seen, but today I'd seen with my very eyes that that fact was true.

"Thanks for helping me" I said, sounding more childish than I intended

"No probs" he grunted, "So I take it your going to earn badges as well", that statement stunned me, leaving me flapping my lips like a Magikarp. Earning badges was always a dream for every kid, but nobody ever goes through with it. Having a superior talk like that dream could be reality was staggering. Vividly, I could see myself walking up the stairs to have a battle at the Indigo Plateau. It's funny sometimes how right our wildest fantasies can be. 


Route 1 was larger than I thought it was. As a kid, I wasn't allowed to dare step foot in Route 1, but I was a man now; and men could wander Route 1 as much as they liked. With Vesuvius by my side and our new Nidorino powerhouse, Route 1 wasn't dangerous in the slightest. It was only Starly and Sentret afterall, and neither seemed brave enough the jump out of the tall grass at us.     

"Where could that pokemon be?" I heard a voice moan, "I'm certain I saw it fly past", the voice was coming from behind a bush; a particularly beautiful bush. I'd never been one for flowers but this bush was just blooming with a sweet smelling heavenly flower that neither I nor Vesuvius could avoid. Well, not until an even more devine aroma attracted us. I turned around expecting to find the most beautiful plant in the world, but all I got was screaming in my ear.

"There it is Oshawott, quick water gun!", before my face got absolutely drenched I swear I saw a pokemon of beauty; a pokemon of grace and majesty. It was white and small but hovered with the most devine wings that seemed to protrude from its head. Alas, by the time I wiped my ruined fringe from my eyes, I couldn't get a closer look. The pokemon was gone. The trainer and his Oshawott must have scared away the thing they were searching for in the first place.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I roared, the trainer looked unfazed by my confrontation. No, not unfazed, bored. I snarled at him as a blazing rage filled my soul. I could have happily punched his tired and smug face right there.

"Come along Oshawott" he finally said, not even being man enough to maintan eye contact, "we've got more badges to earn". With that he left me in Route 1 trying to dry my hair with my pokemon without setting it alight.    

The End

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