Chapter 1

The sun was slowly rising over Neoky warming the spirits of the frosty locals. However, it was not just the sun that was walking them. Even though it was still very early a large ferry was docking into the port. It blazed its mighty foghorn awaking the locals and the passengers.

Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, realising where they were, eagerly cleared the window of frost and ice to reveal a sea polluted with miniature icebergs. They floated aimlessly in the sea but were the source of fun for both pokemon and their trainers. Ash noticed on the largest iceberg stood a young woman with salmon red long hair holding a pokeball.

"Go Toxipus" she roared releasing thepokemon from its ball. The Toxipus dived straight into the river before Ash got a chance to get a good look at it. The woman then dived into the freezing cold water and began swimming with her pokemon. Ash could see it was dark blue with two purple stripes running down its back, but that was all.

"Look Ash!" Iris cried from the top deck. Excitedly, Ash followed and just in time to see a flock of bird pokemon saw overhead. The Neoky region was full of exciting pokemon.

When the boat pulled into the dock, Greenseed Town was full of excitement and action. As soon as Iris and Ash left the boat they could hear cheers and roars. The type you only hear from a pokemon battle. The duo and their pokemon quickly rushed off to find the source of the commotion. After passing a pack a large ferocious dog pokemon, Ash and Iris found themselves standing outside a grand building. Therw was a pokemon battle happening between two young trainers. One had a green horse-like pokemon, and the other a stone coloured cat with unusual black markings. Both trainers had an older trainer standing just behind them.

"Now Pyrameow" roared the boy with the cat "use confusion" The horse pokemon was hit directly from the psychic rays coming from the eye shape on the cats forehead. The horse pokemon cried before collapsing to the floor

"No! Horshroom!" the girl cried as the horse pokemon was returned to its pokeball then gave it to the trainer behind her. Her opponent did the same.

"Lewis and Pyrameow are the winners." shouted the familiar looking referee "Lewis therefore wins the Volkitten". The boy known as Lewis was given a ginger cat with a flame tipped tail and a cute button nose. The loser was given a silver-blue rodent pokemon with sharp blade-like teeth.

"Ah, you must be Ash" the referee grinned "Professor Juniper has told me a lot about you. I'm Professor Willow". That is where Ash recognised him from. The photo Juniper had given him. She had also given him pictures of this regions starter pokemon. The flame cat was a Volkitten and the rodent was a Volake.

The professor geared Ash up with his pokedex and pokeballs and also gave some pokeballs to Iris. Once all ready, the duo set off into the snowy wilderness to meet some pokemon. However, the first meeting was rather unwanted. A flying bug pokemon with a long proboscis greeted Ash and Iris first. Whilst Ash was discovering that it was a Minsquito, it landed on him and sucked up his blood before flying away. Minsquito was famous for drinking people's blood which sometimes resulted in a poisoning.

"Oh, Ash!" Iris cried pointing a gloved hand upwards. A white winged horse flew over the sky leaving stardust behind. Ash's pokedex recognised it as a Pegasaur. 

"There are so many pokemon here" Ash cheered "I can't wait to meet them all!"

The End

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