Pokemon Infrared and Ultraviolet

My series of Pokemon. Ash, Iris and new friend Ryan explore to the new Neoky region and discover all of its new pokemon while still aiming to be a pokemon master.


At the end of the adventures in Unova, the trio arrived back in Nuvema Town. Professor Juniper had both exciting and sad news. Cilan's brother, Chili are Cress also decided to go on an adventure leaving the gym in danger of being closed. Cilan along with his Pansage vowed to stay in Striaton City to keep the gym up and running.

The exciting news however was for Ash. Professor Juniper told him about the Neoky Region where her good friend Professor Willow is the resident professor. He hands out the starter pokemon to new trainers.

Excited, Ash soon heads off to the Neoky region leaving behind his pokemon that he obtained in Neoky. Just Pikachu, Iris and her trusty Fraxure accompany Ash on his travels to Neoky. A region of new adventures to be had.

But what will those adventures be? Not even Ash himself knows for sure.

The End

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