An Amy-zing battle

I left the pokemon centre overcome with pride. Pippa was admiring my Volcano Badge pinned on my belt but Amy was too occupied with summing up Munchlax.

“How could a normal-type succeed where a water-type failed?” she kept asking

“I guess Munchlax is just really strong” I shrugged. Munchlax nodded and flexed his muscles in agreement. Amy smiled and gripped one of her pokeballs

“How about a see how strong he really is” I stared over at the Seafoam Islands where I could see the remains of Jacko’s fire. It inspired me.

“You’re on! Pippa you referee!”

Amy stood over on one side of the beach and I the other. We had drawn a battlefield in the sand. Pippa stood on the halfway line where she declared the battle started.

“Go Bulbasaur” Amy called her glasses sliding down her nose. I was disappointed when the starter pokemon jumped into action. I was hoping for a new exciting pokemon...oh well.

“Munchlax use lick!” the long tongue darted towards Bulbasaur who fended us off with a vine whip. Munchlax gripped his aching tongue before being struck by razor leaves. Amy was good. “Metronome!” luck was mildly on our side. Munchlax fired off a signal beam which would have been super effective if Bulbasaur wasn’t a poison type as well. It hit Bulbasaur directly in the face.

“Bulbasaur use Poison Powder” the toxic dust hurricane towards us. I commanded a defence curl which prevented any entering Munchlax’s eyes or mouth. We were safe...for now. Amy tried the move again whilst Munchlax’s wagging fingers produced a Mach Punch. The toxic powder was stuck on Munchlax’s fists and back now. We were in trouble.

“Metronome!” I cried. All I could do was hope and pray. I barely had the courage to watch. All I heard was Amy shout:


I looked on aghast as a powerful beam erupted from Munchlax’s mouth. Bulbasaur was buffeted about. Munchlax finally stopped but looked exhausted. Bulbasaur, however, had taken the attack and still looked ready to battle.

“Sleep Powder but use Razor Leaf to speed it up!” Amy cried. This unique attack struck my tired partner. His fatigue slipped into sleep. I watched helplessly as Amy proceeded to use a variety of moves on the sleeping pokemon. Bulbasaur finally gripped Munchlax with his vines before slinging him into a tree. Munchlax collapsed, not from sleep but from weakness. Amy had won. She recalled Bulbasaur and bid farewell. Pippa and I watched as she flew away atop a Fearow. My first defeat. Would it be my last?     

The End

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