A feiry first

"Both trainers will use 2 pokemon" the referee announced, "only the challenger may substitute and no potions are permitted" I stood on the red battlefield. It was located on the roof of the gym which was built onto the volcano. Amy and Pippa both stood and watched from the sidelines. "Now...begin!"

"Go Magby!" Lowell shouted. The little red pokemon fired out of its ball then spat out a single ember. Lowell was a fire-type leader so I knew instantly which pokemon to use. Seel looked uncomfortable out of the water but just as eager as I was

"Smokescreen!" putrid black smoke filled the pitch. I could hear Seel coughing and gasping. He needed water.

"Water sport" the gushing water was music to my ears. Seel was okay and hydrated. Magby couldn't move close to Seel through fear of a super effective strike. It would have to use long distant attacks; like Smog. This gas was even worse than Smokescreen, Seel was taking damage.

"Keep up the water sport!" I shouted "now combine it with headbutt!" I couldn't see anything. The smoke blocked my throat and itched my eyes. All I could hear was Lowell screaming as Magby hitting the floor. "Icy Wind!" my idea worked and the smoke was blown away by the soon melted icy breeze. Magby was on the floor, unable to battle.

"Water-types will always beat a fire-type" Pippa commented "Myles won't even need Munchlax" I had to agree with her. Magby was defeated from a single water attack, so the next pokemon would also be pretty easy...I hoped.

"Ponyta, prepare for battle!" Lowell shouted. The horse I saw before stamped its feet and brayed. "Use Tackle!" I commanded a water spourt attack but Ponyta was quick. Seel was kicked and trampled across the pitch leaving an innocent water trail, "Flame Wheel!"

"Icy Wind!" the breeze blew out the flames causing the horse to stumble, tumble and crush Seel. "Blast Ponyta away with water sport!" Seel did just that but something odd happened. Ponyta got to its feet and tackled Seel like a rag doll. Seel was defeated by a fire-type. We were all stunned. It felt like a dream as I withdrew Seel. How was it still standing?

"Munchlax, use metronome!" Electricity grew from Munchlax's glowing finger tips. A wild charge stampeded towards Ponyta and held it tight. Good, but luck was not quite with us. "Use lick!" Ponyta was paralysed with electrical currents and saliva. A final metronome caused the earth to shake and the pitch to break. Ponyta fainted. I was victorious. Munchlax beemed up at me proud of his success.

I guess a type advantage isn't everything.

The End

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