Revival and a rival

We arrived on Cinnabar Island only to be greeted by a deafening explosion and a shreiking cry. Smoke was erupting from the research facility and the local pokemon seemed to be fleeing.

"I told them not to do this" a girl whinged. She had jet black hair tied back into a ponytail and old-fashioned sunglasses perched on her pointy nose, "now look whats happened!"

"What's going on?" I asked. The girl turned to face us stunned of our arrival. Pippa gasped just as the connection was made in my mind as well. "Amy?"

"You must leave, the scientests have revived an extinct species of pokemon" the words had barely left her lips when a grey beheemoth swooped down towards us. We dropped and rolled just in time. A quick scan on the pokedex revealed it was could Aerodactyl be alive and well?

"Amy, what are you doing on this island?" I screamed over the deafening pokemon calls and the screams of scientests set alight. She pointed towards a flame-shaped badge on her breast. She'd already defeated Lowell. She then pointed towards one of the professors. He wore a more impressive lab coat with GL inscribed. He sent out some fire-type pokemon to try and hit the panicing dinosaur. All his attempts missed to an extent he was forced to withdraw the horse pokemon; Ponyta according to the Pokedex.

"Oh My God!" Pippa screamed as the ancient pokemon was struck by a powerful flame. It plummeted into the volcano and with a shreik and a sizzle was nothing more than it had begun. Lowell looked around madly for the source of the flame. I saw it first. All the way across the ocean on Seafoam Islands was Jacko. He stood next to a giant dog pokemon. Even with Jacko gone he was still there to look over Pippa and I.

"Right!" Lowell exclaimed, "Are you ready for your gym battle?" I glanced over at Jacko who winked back. I nodded eagerly. I was ready.   


The End

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