The Psyduck Solution

"Well done, tall boy" Jacko congratulated as we left the cave. Of course he didn't mean I was tall, I was far from it. It was just another one of his colloquilisms.

"I'm sure it'll be fine!" I heard Pippa say. Was she talking to herself? We found Pippa on the boat with her Squirtle. Standing on the icy shore was a fair-haired girl holding a fat duck- or was it a Platypus. The Pokedex informed me that it was indeed a duck. A Psyduck in fact.

"Oh, you're back" Pippa exclaimed happily "Did you catch a pokemon?"

"I sure did...go Seel!" I released my capture from the safety of its pokeball. It flopped onto the floor, glared evilly at Jacko before flopping over to greet Pippa. Both Squirtle and the Psyduck went up to meet it and gained a positive response from the newest team member.

"This is Sally" Pippa introduced "We got talking because her Psyduck has the most awful headache"

"That's a good thing, thy knows" Jacko chuckled "A Psyduck with a headache is a bleedin' good battler. It can use Psychic moves and the lot"

"I know" I interjected "lets put that theory to the test and have a battle. Seel versus Psyduck. In the water" Jacko and Sally agreed to take their respective boats out to sea and let us battle. My first water battle!

"Seel use Water Sport" I commanded. This attack was usually used to put out fire but when followed up by a headbutt was used to send Psyduck flying into Sally.

"Psyduck, try and use Psychic!" Psyduck stood up on the boat and concentrated hard. With a satisfying noise, Psyduck fell into the water.

"Seel use Icy Wind!" Seel began buffeted the drowning duck with the coldest of breezes. It looked like Psyduck couldn't swim...until something switched. Psyduck's eyes glew an eerie pink and the water around it rippled slowly. His psychic power had been unleashed.

"Confusion attack!" I quickly commanded an Ice Shard attack but the icicles froze in mid air before striking back at their creator. Seel was hit and sunk under the water. Psyduck controlled the water, making it crash and froth until Seel was launched high into the sky. "Finish it with Water Pulse!"

"Ice Shard!" both pokemon launched their attacks. Ice Shard pierced the water striking Psyduck in the open mouth. Seel was eaten by the gushing water and spat out into my open arms. Psyduck fainted as I noticed Seel was unable to battle. It was a draw.

"I think thy's ready for Lowell now" Jacko smiled, "I'm sure Sally'll drop you two off"

"Y-You're not coming?" I gasped. All this time I thought we were a happy trio, a band of travellers. I was wrong. All Jacko wanted was some dumbs kids to save his boat.

"See you around kid" he sighed before igniting the engine and driving away. I hopped into Sally's boat before his sad departure and from there we three drove to Cinnabar Island. We were three, but we were not a trio. I looked over at Pippa, then down at Munchlax. Both looked cloudy eyed. They both missed him. We all missed him.   

The End

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