A seel of approval

"Here we are" Jacko announced hopping out of the boat "The seafoam Islands. Thy should get togged up"

"Togged up?" Pippa questioned, shivering from the cold

"It means wear lots of layers" I answered, doing exactly that. Jacko smiled down at me and tussled my dark brown hair

"Thy's a clever lad...need a haircut though!" I ignored this and ventured into the icy caves with a pokeball in one hand, a flashlight in the other and Munchlax at my feet. Pippa stayed at the boat for some false reason. We presumed it was to avoid running in to any scary pokemon. Just to annoy her, Jacko threw a rock at the Zubat hanging from the cave ceiling. They all flew out screeching in panic, trying to fly out straight without the aid of sight. It was oddly satisfying to hear Pippa scream.

"Look here" I gasped "a lagoon" the crystal blue water rippled ever so slightly. It was an eerie silence to haunted us. Some pokemon was in this lagoon.

"Munchlax, use metronome" Munchlax's fingers allowed even more light. Suddenly, the whole lagoon was alive with frenzy as Munchlax began freezing it over. White pokemon began leeping and jumping, but all to no avail. All the pokemon were trapped under.

Jacko just made a sarcastic comment when the ice cracked and a pokemon burst out. Even Jacko was stunned. Any pokemon that powerful and determined was the pokemon for me. My pokedex revealed it was a Seel. A water-type. 

"Metronome!" I ordered. Munchlax summoned a silver ball between his hands. It grew bigger before he fired it off. The Seel jumped back into the safety of the water before blasting Munchlax with a water attack.

"Lick!" I commanded, seeing Munchlax with his fat tongue out. The new attack worked and Seel was temporarily paralysed. I commanded a hopefully final Metrenome attack. Luck was on our side.

"Wing Attack?" Jacko spluttered "Munchlax doesn't have wings" He was right but the mighty gale still hit and sent Seel flying into the wall of the cave. The crystals began shaking violently, getting ready to piece Seel. I saved him. Sheilded him with a pokeball.

The crystals pierced the icy floor, setting the other trapped Seel free. My Seel was not as free, he was trapped in a pokeball. My pokeball. Seel was caught. My first capture.    

The End

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