Too cruel for Tentacool

"Here's the beauty" Jacko announced as we reached the shore. It was quite a large boat with a small section below the deck where I could make out a stove of some sort.

"What's the problem?" I asked, putting a foot gently aboard. Instantly, a group of blue heads with red crystal-like eyes broke the surface of the water.

"There's the problem" Jacko pointed out, almost covering up a snicker. The pokemon came closer, some even revealing long tentacles. They were creepy jellyfish pokemon.

"They're called Tentacool" Pippa pointed out pocketting her pokedex. The jellyfish pokemon began rocking the boat angrily. I jumped back onto shore and they dissapeared into the deep blue unknown.

"Have the two of you got pokemon?" Jacko asked, "any Electric?" we both shook our heads. "We need to get rid of those little blitters, what pokemon has thy got then?"

"I've got a Munchlax, she's got a Squirtle" I said causing Jacko to frown, clearly dissapointed with our lack of pokemon. I sent out Munchlax to prove my point. He seemed restored from his rest.

"Use Metrenome!" I commanded jumping aboard the boat. Jacko summed me up silently as Munchlax summoned a move. The tentacool approached only to be struck by a Round Attack. Munchlax began singing badly but the Tentacool just ducked under water.

"Have another go!" I commanded. Munchlax wagged his fingers before vomiting out a sea of putrid brown water. We waited but the Tentacool seemed unable to swim through the thick muddy water. We quickly clambered aboard as the Tentacool began sending out signal lights. Jacko ignited the engine and drove away from Pallet Town. Away from the Tentacool. Away from home.

"Next stop, Cinnabar Island!" I cheered.

"Nah, I don't think so" Jacko announced "I'm takin' thy to Seafoam Islands. Thy needs to get thyself another pokemon" True to his word, Jacko steered away from the volcanic island and instead ploughed towards an icy cave. The location of new pokemon for us all to see.    

The End

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