A Spearow full of Fear-ow

Myself and Pippa made our way to the little beach south of Pallet Town. From there we would find a way to reach Cinnabar Island and my first gym battle.

We were in no hurry and so often stopped to admire the pokemon and scan them in our pokedexes. We both planned to see all the pokemon in the world. I claimed their were over 600 but Pippa scoffed at the thought. It was exciting to be in the world of pokemon but we soon realised Pallet Town pokemon were boring and weak. We could still see our houses and we'd already killed and cooked a Pidgey. Rather Tasty.

"I think I see the ocean" Pippa exclaimed as we approached a trodden down path. Squirtle and Munchlax frollocked in the grass and together irritating the native pokemon. If a Rattata or Pidgey retaliated we commanded attacks and left the loser behind. Rattata were pretty dim.

"Spearow!" a pokemon cried. Our pokedexes informed us these birds were the next step us on the rivalry spectrum from Pidgey. They looked angry that we had walked past their trees. In a flash, Squirtle was struck in the chest. In a blink of an eye, you'd have missed Munchlax getting flung into a tree.

We commanded attacks but they kept missing. The Spearow used Sand Attacks once Squirtle started getting his bubbles on target. Munchlax's metronome was running out of luck as he produced another status move.

"FEAROW!" I turned and Pippa screamed as a huge bird soared from the Spearow nest. Our pokedexes confirmed that it was the evolved form of Spearow. The bird struck the blinded the Squirtle and blasted Munchlax with a mighty gale. We seemed screwed. Both our pokemon were unable to battle and the vicious bird was attacking with a Drill Peck attack. Straight towards me

"Munchlax!" I cried. Nothing.

"FEAR-OW!" it cried dropping to the floor. Blood dribbled from its chest, or rather the newly formed wound. Fearow was dead. The Spearow scattered leaving us alone in a stunned silence   

"That was a closen'" a deep voice whistled abruptly "Thy's one lucky bugger" We turned around to see a gruff looking man with a shaven head and a few unsightly scars and bruises. He carried a shotgun in one hand and his other sat atop a pokeball fastened to his belt.  

"You-you saved our lifes Mr...." Pippa whispered in awe. She was shaking violently over the ordeal.

"The name's Jacko" he replied rather bluntly. He walked over to collect the dead Fearow, "This is gonna make a right meal...once I get it back to t'boat"

"You have a boat?" I asked excitedly, returning Munchlax to his pokeball, "a functioning boat?"

"Aye" he replied, "there's just one problem with it"   

The End

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