Prepare for Pippa

All my hatred towards Pippa melted away as Oak geared us both up with our pokeballs and pokedex. I scanned Munchlax before returning him to the safety of the red ball.

"Wha-? Well I never?" Oak gasped "that Munchlax usually refuses to stay in his pokeball...he must feel safe around you"

"Pippa" I beamed as we made our way towards the laboratory, "Let's have a battle!" Pippa hesitated before nodding meekly, coincidentely prompting Munchlax to escape from his pokeball. Some may see that as disobedience, I see it as eagerness.

Oak referred as we prepared for our first battle. Munchlax against Squirtle. Pippa commanded a Bubble attack. Poor Munchlax was struck hard in the chest. He stumbled back and flopped straight onto his back.

"Good job. Use Tackle!" the tiny turtle sprinted forward stricking Munchlax, who ironically resembled a stranded turtle. However, Munchlax didn't budge. Squirtle hit the tanned belly and flew back to her trainer.

"Munchlax use defense curl" I ordered. Munchlax rolled into a tight ball before bouncing onto his two feet. Squirtle was just doing the same when Tackle hit it straight in the stomach. It was now time to command my favourite move of any pokemon.

"Use metrenome!" Munchlax wagged his fingers in unison to mine below firing an attack...from his mouth!

"Sludge Bomb!" Pippa the neatfreak screamed. Squirtle choked on the toxic fumes before collapsing. Munchlax was the winner.   

"Oh, crap!" Pippa whinged "I'll never be a pokemon master"

"Don't say that" Oak sighed, shaking my hand upon victory, "even the greatest of trainers can be defeated"

"But, proffesor, I don't even want to be a trainer. I just wanted a pokemon" Pippa looked up at him with puppy dog eyes, melting the old mans heart. He chuckled to himself

"There are many jobs involving pokemon. I suggest you travel with Myles until you make you're mind up" With that, the duo waved goodbye to Oak, their loved ones and the little village, they held so close to their hearts. They were off, on their own adventure.  

The End

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