The Starter Surprise

The morning sun beamed down as I quietly made my way to Oak's lab. I lived on the shore, barely a walk away from the sea, but Oak was at the other side of the village. It was a long-ish walk, that gave me time to contemplate where to go after Pallet Town. Viridian City was closest, but the leader, Blue, had once been champion of Kanto. A tough opponent indeed. That left one other gym: Cinnabar Island.

I passed the houses of my fellow teenagers. I had met them at social gatherings and the like, they were nice. Well the two girls were; the boy-Nick- was a complete and utter ass. He had left a few days ago after turning 14 with a Charmander. My second favourite.

"Morning, professor" I beamed scuttling into the toasty and cluttered lab. My face collapsed into a frown when my eyes met those of a blond girl: Pippa. Pipped at the post, or Pippa-ed if you will.

"This is Pippa, as I'm sure you're aware" Oak replied, "She's starting off with a Squirtle" My horrors of the night before became reality. With Charmander gone, only 2 starters remained for 3 trainers.

"Professor, is there, perhaps a fourth starter" I asked hopefully, trying to dodge the fate of having a Bulbasaur.

"What do you mean?" Oak asked "There's an extra pokemon here for you"

"Yes, but what about Amy" I injected "She's also starting soon. What pokemon will she have?"

The professor thought for a moment before screaming hysterically. Pippa gasped at the scene taking place behind his worktop. Oak calmed down and smiled back at me.

"I can see you're trying to dodge the remaining starter, but what are your opinions on Normal Types" Truthfully, normals were one of my least favourite types. They were super effective over nothing. But then I saw it.

"Munchlax!" it cried through its aborable mouth. I could feel my heart racing and my hands shaking. This was it. The pokemon for me

"Professor...I'll take him"  

The End

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