Pokemon fan-fiction adventure

My journey through 2011 Kanto.

My name is Miles Cunningham and I wish to become a pokemon trainer. I know, I know, cliche. But what else am I supposed to do? The nearest school is literally in a whole different city, so I've no chance of getting a GCSE. I hear pokemon champions get big money and for a fun job as well.

My beginning to this career has been shaky. On the eve of my tenth birthday, the government decided 10 years old was too young to be travelling the world on your own. I was heartbroken, but looking back it was the right thing. So many of those 10-year-olds get lost. I might have died! The law now states only persons of 14 years of age may enter the pokemon league. Guess how old I am?

As of March 5th 2011, I am a qualified pokemon trainer, I get a starter pokemon and everything. The only problem is, I've been longing for one since I was 9. The magic has started to fade and poor Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle seem a bit dull. I guess I still like Squirtle and Charmanders not bad. Shame about old frogy Bulbasaur though.

The clock has just struck 11:00. Pallet Town is silent for the night, save the odd Pidgey or Spearow rustling in the trees. It's peaceful at night. All the homes are painted in a calming navy and their golden lights dance glaring from windows dance at the feet of the moon. So peaceful, so calming...so dull! When will it be sunrise, I want a pokemon soon, this mediocre lifestyle is driving me mad!   

The End

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