Ask Catchim is walking and gets a spook!

Ash Catchhim was walking through the pokeforest, reading a book about pokemon, as usual. Little does he know of the dangers that await............ but then, a wild Chancey chances to be seen! "A Chancey!", cried, Ask, "They are so rare! Wow!" In a flurry, he grabbed out a pokeball and threw it right at the small monster. But all of a sudden, it looked afraid and ran off. "I wonder why it does that?", said Ash Catchim, "I guess itt was just a spook!" As he went back to reading his book, he didn't see the unknown hiding in the bushes that had spooked the Chancet............ He continued to walk. He got to town, and he decided to just go home for the day and sleep a while. "It has been a very scare day!", he said. On his way to hoime, he runs into mysty. "Where were you?", asks Misty. "At the forest! I almost a Chancey, but she ran away." 

The end- for now!

The End

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