Pokemon Black and White: Adventures in the Unova Region!

"So," Professor Juniper continued. "Now is the time where I show you the three starters you can choose from. Go!" She threw three pokeballs high into the air, and out emerged three pokemon. "See the little green one with the long nose? Thats the grass type, Snivy. Then the one next to it, the blue one that looks almost like a teddy, is Oshawott, a water type and the last, the little orange one, that's Tepig, you guessed it, the fire type. Choose your starters carefully, Naeva and Hadley." 

Today was the day that I, and my best friend Hadley, would be starting our pokemon adventure. I stared at the three pokemon, trying to judge which to get.

"Okay! I've chosen. Snivy I choose you!" I say, grinning. Snivy leaps into the air and does a little happy-dance. 

"Sni, snivy snivy!" It cries happily. 

"Okay then, I'll pick you, Tepig!" Hadley said. Oshawott's face fell and it looked devastated. 

"Aw, Oshawott, if I could pick two starters, I'd pick you too!" I said quietly. 

"Okay!" Professor Juniper said happily. "Here are Snivy and Tepig's pokeballs, and here are five other pokeball's for you, along with your pokedexes. Have an amazing journey!" 

"Oh! Thank you so much Professor Juniper!" Hadley and I said in unison. We grinned, then laughed, stashing our pokeballs and pokedexes in our bags. 

"Snivy, return!" I said, holding out Snivy's pokeaball. Snivy returned into it, and I put it into the little holster at my belt, along with the others. Hadley did likewise with Tepig, and we walked out of the Lab, calling goodbye to the Professor. Soon, we were on route one, out of Nuvema town, our home town, for good, and on our way to achieving our pokemon dreams! 

The End

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