Pokemon: Adventures In Unova

Rose's adventured in Unova has begun! With her team of trained pokemon, theres no way she can lose! But who are these team Plasma people?

'Ok Dewott! Use Water Pledge!' Rose called. Dewott spat bursts of water high into the air, and a pretty rainbow appeared in the sky. 'Nice one!' Rose praised. 'Dewott Dewott!' Dewott began walking over to the other pokemon. Tranquill was pirched high in a tree, dozing in the afternoon sun. Liepard was happily sunbathing near a small pond, purring with delight. Zorua, Cinccino and Emolga were chasing eacthother happily. Rose smiled. Route 6 wasn't a bad place. A perfect place to start practicing for the next Gym. Rose pondered what would happen in her head. The gym leader Clay used Ground types, so she knew Dewott would be her first choice. But what about the other two? She looked at Zorua- who could pull amazing illusions. Rose remembered then that the illusions faded. Sighing, she called Liepard and Cinccino over. 'Right you two. Your gonna help me and Dewott win this gym badge. Got it?' They nodded and ran off. A crash in the distance disturbed her. A boy about her age was practicing with his pokemon. A Servine, Watchdog, Pansage, Blitzle, Joltik and a Solosis.  They were battling a wild Tepig. Rose ran over to them just as the Tepig got away. 'Awww man!' He cursed. When he turned and saw Rose, his amber eyes threw a challenge. Of course it was Rose's rival Darren. 'I challange you to a battle!' He called. Rose shrugged and backed away. 'Get in there Servine!' He ordered. Rose pulled out her pokedex. So his Snivy had finally evolved.

'Servine, the grass snake pokemon- evolved form of Snivy. It moves along the ground as if sliding. Its swift movements befuddle its foes, and it then attacks with a vine whip.'

'Center Stage Zorua!' Called Rose. Immdietly Zorua transformed into one of its friends, which just happend to be Emolga. Darren tutted. 'You still havent evolved Zorua?' Rose didnt want to. 'Never going to! Use foul play!' Zorua smashed into Servine, using its own power against it. Then Zorua- looking like Emolga- flew high into the air. Darren tucked a bit of his messy blonde hair behind his ear. 'Heh. Not bad. Alright. Servine use Leaf Storm!' Zorua dodged without any worry. The illusion slowly began to fade. Zorua noticed this and transformed back into itself. 'Pusuit!' Rose commanded. Zorua once again smashed into Servine.Servine hit the floor hard, KO! 'Damnit...' Darren muttered. 'Ok goooo Watchdog!' Watchdog hopped into the field. Rose already had information on this pokemon. 'Zorua come back! Emolga your turn!' Emolga flew into the battlefield. 'Use Acrobatics!' Rose commanded. Emolga turned in the air before landing a cricatal hit. 'Whhhaaaa?' Darren mumbled. 'Ok enough fooling around! Use super fang!' 'Dodge and use Shock Wave!' It hit full power once more-Ko! Darren returned Watchdog without a word of praise. 'Blitzle!' Darren commanded. Blitzle dashed onto field. 'Rest Emolga! Cinccino its your turn!' Cinncino entered the field. 'Use Tail slap!' Blitzle got hit hard 4 times. 'Now use swift while its recovering!' KO! Darren once again returned his pokemon. 'That was...3 on 3. Smell ya later.' He laughed, winking. Rose nearly exploded. "THATS NOT YOUR SAYING!' As Darren headed away. Rose began to wonder. Would this battle with Clay be simple?

The End

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