Pokemon Adventures - Tarnaw

It's a Pokemon story. I wanted to write one, while doing something different, so it's set in a new region called Tarnaw.

In the Pokémon world, there is a region called Tarnaw. Tarnaw is halfway between Unova and Kanto, and contains every different kind of Pokémon known in any of the regions explored so far. In Tarnaw, trainers start their journeys at 16, not 10, and one of these trainers is called Alex.  Alex lives in Chernow Town, in the southwest of Tarnaw, by the sea. He is about to start his Pokémon journey, and is on his way to Professor June’s laboratory to obtain his first Pokémon.


The doors of the laboratory flew open as Alex ran through, eyes shining. It was his 16thbirthday, and he was here to receive his first Pokémon. Professor June turned, smiling as she saw him rushing in, and walking towards him. “Alex”, she smiled. “I thought you’d be the first one here this morning. I’ll try not to delay you too much. It’s time to choose which Pokémon you want to take with you.” She gestured to three balls on the table, taking the first and throwing it into the air. It opened, the red light within forming into the shape of a blue turtle -Squirtle. The Pokémon smiled brashly, twirling, its brown shell gleaming in the bright lighting, and it winked.

Then the professor reached for the second poke ball, throwing this one up into the air as well. A green plant like Pokémon emerged – Bulbasaur. Its two green vines twirled in the air, as if in slow motion. It smiled shyly, a complete opposite of a personality to the Pokémon next to it. Finally, June threw the last poke ball, from within coming a red dinosaur-esque Pokémon, its tail aflame. It stood, looking confident, yet not overly brash like the Squirtle, and Professor June gestured to the three. “Do I even have to ask you who you want to pick?” June laughed, knowing Alex by now and knowing which of the Pokémon he would choose. Alex smiled, pushing his glasses up his nose. “I’ve known for years now. There’s always been one in my mind.” He knelt down next to the Charmander, extending his hand. “This one.” The Charmander called happily, and Ash shook its hand as June nodded. “Yep. That’s the one I was thinking you’d pick.” She turned to the desk behind her, picking out a red device. “This”, June explained, “is a Pokedex. It contains data from every Pokémon known to us at the moment, from #001, Bulbasaur, to #649, which I’ll let you discover.” She handed the device to Alex.

Alex took it and put it in his pocket, along with the 5 poke balls given to every new trainer. He thanked Professor June, walking out of the door with his new Charmander in tow, ready to start his new adventure.

The End

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