Making the Right Choice

“Why?” Nurse Joy asks “Why?” She looks hurt more than anything. I look around and I see that both of my companions are no longer around. Wow, they scattered faster than a Scatterbug. Oh, I see where their loyalties lie.

“Well, young lady what is your name?” she asks, “My name is Darcy Frost.” “Ms. Frost, for your information Pokémon have feelings too why, after catching a Pokémon would you want to release it?” I take a deep breath and think about what I am about to say before I say it, because my mouth has gotten me into a lot of problems before.

“Nurse Joy, the only reason I caught the Carvanha was to heal it then return it back to its school once it was healed.“ She took a deep breath and said, “You can’t do that.” “Why” I ask with my voice raised.

“School of Carvanha is very territorial and very vicious Pokémon, being a dark type Pokémon they have a mysterious and dangerous nature. Returning a Carvanha that been captured by a trainer is likely to do more harm than good to the Carvanha.” Suddenly she stopped talking “Ms. Darcy when did you get on the boat?” Nurse Joy asks. “I got on at Snowpoint. Why?” “Are you familiar with Nicole and Alexander Darcy the Pokémon Daycare specialist in Ice type Pokémon?” She asks.

Oh no! She knows my parents, what do I do? 


1) Grab my Pokémon and run.

-Sure you get your Pokémon but you’ll make nurse Joy angry.

2) Don’t acknowledge my parents as my parents.

-She’ll find out eventually.

3) Tell her the truth that they are your parents.

 -She might tell my parents where I am, make my relationship with nurse Joy better, and  will tell my parents I’m fine.

I chose the third option. It’s the hardest one but I can’t avoid the truth and tell a lie because eventually the truth is going to catch up to you.

“Yes they are my parents.” I tell her. “You have marvelous parents, I am sure that they are happy that you are becoming a Pokémon trainer.” I smile at her hoping that my emotions don’t fail me “I am sure that they went through a lot of emotions when they found out.” She smiles back at me and said “I am sure they did.”

“Darcy,” when did me and nurse joy become on a first name bases “you have to keep your Carvanha, he can’t be allowed back in the wild. I am sure you understand.”

She grabs my Pokémon and hands them over to me and sais “I’m sure you’ll make the right choice. If you need anything you know where to find me.”

Don’t be sure I have made the wrong choice before, and I have done it many times.

I go into the pokemart in the boat; I should have bought my pokeballs here instead of Snowpoint.  I look to buy Pokémon food for water type Pokémon.  I buy a couple of bags and leave. 

The End

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