Finally Nurse Joy

I go back to the Pokémon center and I see a Chansey. I remember reading the intro to Pokémon training manual and it mentioned that Chansey are assistants to nurse joy.

I take out Carvahna’s pokeball and hand it over to Chansey and ask, “Can you heal my Pokémon?” because Sneasel is right behind me.  All it sais taking my Pokémon is “Chansey Chansey Chansey.” I sit in the Pokémon center and its quiet, not like the first time I came here.

Letting another girl join our team and a bratty one at that is a tough question because I am worried I will be stuck raising her because she has no manners. Although one thing I do admire from her is risking being hit by Sneasel by protecting her Pokémon but maybe she did it on purpose because she knew that I was going to try to stop that attack. I don’t know. 

The peace at the Pokémon Centre is interrupted by arguments.

“Leave me alone, I might of let you join our team only for the duration of the cruise but that doesn’t mean that you can follow me around.” But by the tone of voice, I quickly come to the conclusion that the voice belongs to Jaz.

“But the other girl said I am part of the team,” she sais “You don’t even now her name.” he replies.   

“I do.” She sais in a bratty voice, “no you don’t” he replies in an equally bratty voice.

“I don’t leave you too for a couple of minutes, and you’re already arguing.”

“Yeah, I can’t deal with this person” they both said at the same time.

Before I can ask them what happened Nurse Joy walks into the lobby. “Hello Nurse Joy” I say momentarily ignoring them for a bit.

“Are you Carvahnas’ and Sneasels’ trainer?” she asks me “Yes, I am.” Then she frowns and “You’re a horrible trainer” she sais angrily.


“What’s wrong?” I ask, “Your Carvahna has terrible lightning injuries it obviously received recently in a battle with an electric type."

I look at her all confused, I just recently caught the Carvahna because their was a school of Carvahna attacking the ship an hour ago delaying are voyage. And what’s wrong with my Sneasel?” I said the last part more angry than I meant it to be but I care a lot for my Sneasel. 

She bowed and apologized saying “Everything with your Sneasel is fine, he’s just exhausted.“

I take a deep breath and relax.

“How bad is Carvahna?” I ask. “He’s alright I can release Sneasel in your care now, he seems restless.”

I nod “He probably is. It took us a while to get along.” I said with a smile remembering how I never thought I’d be able to get along with Sneasel and how now we are the best of friends. To Sneasel everyone else other than me is tolerable.    

“When I get Carvahna can I release it to the wild?” I ask innocently, I almost regret asking Nurse Joy but I needed to know.

“NO! That is a terrible idea.” she screamed, my tame idea that I have of Nurse Joy just changed.

“Why?” as soon as those words left my mouth I knew that I was going to get a lecture. 

The End

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