She smiles as if this was a predetermined battle and she was going to win. There is no way that I am going to let that happen.

She sais “Shinx use quick attack” and then Shinx used thunderbolt. In frustration she yells, “Why don’t you listen to me?”

I am too occupied in this battle to care “Sneasel,” I yell “Dodge and use Shadow claw.” It hits Shinx but it doesn’t damage that much.

“Use ice beam on the floor” it will give us an advantage, and it does. “Now use Shadow Claw one last time” since the Shinx was unable to move I was sure that it was about to end but then its trainer jumped in the way.

“Stop” I managed to yell just in time. Its trainer hugs Shinx and sais “I’m sorry.”   “It’s ok, I just wanted a thank you but a battle is just fine. There is no need to apologize.”

She looks at me her eyes all teary and screams, “I wasn’t apologizing to you!” “Well that was pathetic.” a voice said, I recognized it as Alistair.  Oh no not another brat, I was having a hard enough time dealing with this one.  

“Well Darcy the first time a meet you, I thought that there might not be a worst trainer than you,” he looks at her with a look of disappointment “it seems I was wrong.”

“Alistair, I beat you in a Pokémon battle. Remember?” he smiles at me and his light blue eyes shine “ I remember you and your Sneasel where marvelous challengers.”

He looks at her “But jumping in front of your Pokémon during a battle in unacceptable.” He sais his voice full of hatred, “Well it isn’t appropriate but it shows that she cares for her pokemon.” I reply.

“Tell me your name.” He sais, she shivers and says “Annabelle,” he goes close to her and says, “make sure I never see you again or else you’ll be sorry.”

Ass, this shows that there are some trainers that truly care about their Pokémon.

Before he leaves he sais “Hope to see you soon Miss Black.” Wait my last name isn’t Black? “Hey Alistair, my last name isn’t Black. It’s Frost, remember it.” I tell him, he replies with “No I won’t Ms. Darcy Black sounds better than Ms. Darcy Frost.“ How does he manage to annoy me every time he opens his mouth “My name is Darcy Frost, you better remember.”

 “Is it your first time battling?” I ask Annabelle “yes” she sais still in a timid voice, it almost makes me forget her bratty side. “How old are you?” I ask her because she looks younger than 13, the required Pokémon trainer age. “I just turned 13 and Shinx is my first Pokémon. Is it obvious?”

“Yes it is.” Jaz sais in a furious tone “Darse, how many times do I have to tell you not to get involved.”

“You just told that to me now and it’s better than standing on the sidelines doing nothing.” I reply angrily, “Can I join your group?” She asks.

“Maybe,” I said before Jaz could say anything “but you can stay with us until we get to Pastoria city, anyways this is Sneasel.” But “You still haven’t apologized for the incident that occurred earlier,” I said with an annoyed tone. 

“And this is Jinx” she said pointing at her Shinx.

“Nice to meet you,” suddenly remembering I have to find nurse Joy I say “I will go find nurse joy, see you soon.”

The End

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