A Distraction

Once I had said that she looked like a block of ice, I guess she doesn’t like that I accepted her challenge of a battle. She slowly reaches to grab her pokeball and once she had it in her hand her hand was shacking. She clumsily threw the pokeball in the air and yelled “Shinx,” and Shinx came out of her pokeball and rawrs.

She will find out that I like being challenged and she will regret it; I go and grab Sneasel’s pokeball because I can’t afford to use Carvahna because its hurt and I don’t know its attacks.

I don’t want to use Sneasel, because I don’t know if he got hurt from the last battle and if he has harmed by the school of Carvahna. I have no other choice but to use Sneasel since I don’t have any other Pokémon than Sneasel and Carvahna.

“Sneasel, it battle time,” I throw the pokeball in the air, Sneasel jumps into the air from his pokeball in the air and landed pretty close to Shinx and gave it a dark smile. It gives me shiver of down my spine that’s why Sneasel is a dark type. It a nice intimidation tactic from Sneasel, and the jumps backward and lands 1.5 meters away from me.

It turns and gives me a friendly smile from what I have noticed Sneasel likes to battle and that’s a good thing.

The door from the Pokémon center open and then Jaz comes in, “Hey Darse” he looks around and sees the little brat sais “who’s your friend” and he point at the brat “Jaz, she isn’t a friend don’t you see I’m in the middle of a battle.”

“Oh, okay I will watch,” the last thing I need is a distraction that Jaz is “don’t lose Darse” he said with a wink.

He’s wrong, I will win this battle because so far I haven’t lost one and don’t plan to.

The End

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