Looking for Nurse Joy

I capture a Carvahna, I am soo happy but its hurt so I have to go find the nurse joy on board and get her to help heal my Carvahna.

I go to see the cruise map and I see that the Poke Center is two floors below the deck, once I get there I the Pokémon center is in total panic. I thought Pokémon Centers where calm and I guess I was wrong.

"Nurse Joy" she is nowhere to be seen then I hear a scream saying "catch that Shinx" I look around and see a Shinx coming at me with full speed. It is not looking where it’s going and I easily catch it, it struggles against me.

When it realizes that it can't get out of my grip it electrocutes me, I fall to the floor "great" it jumps out of my grasp but not before a voice sais "Shinx return to your Pokeball." A person gives me their hand as I go to reach it "Jinx" and laughs.

Ok, I have never been electrocuted before it hurts "Do you know where Nurse Joy is?" I ask the person, she turns around and sais "Why would I know? And why are you even talking to me?" She says in a rude tone, I replied, "If it wasn't for me you wouldn't have caught your Shinx" in a snobby tone she replies "Of course I would have." I reply "really" she looks at me and sais "yes, really" "ok, release your Shinx and let’s see you catch it."

She completely changes the subject and sais "what do you want" "I would want a thank you" she begins to laugh. Then she gets serious "For what? You didn't do anything it was all me."

"Sure go on believing that princess," I say with an annoyed tone. "I only apologize to those who beat me in battle," she's getting the wrong idea I don't want an apology but before I can say that I reply "so that’s everyone then" she gets pissed and her face turns red like a hot tomato. 

And she sais "beat me in a Pokémon battle and I will apologize" I reply "you're on."

I love to battle, and I doubt I’d lose to this brat.

The End

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