Capture ...... Complete

Ok, Darcy calm down you now know how to capture a Pokémon you just need to weaken it and throw a Pokeball. "That doesn't sound too complicated does it?" I ask Sneasel, who is beside me he sort of laughs at me and I simply roll my eyes.

Ok I need to catch Carvahna, I want to help the Pokémon and I maybe can gain its trust by curing it well at least I hope so.

"Sneasel, do you want to catch Carvahna" it simply nods and smiles; I grab an empty Pokeball from my belt and say out loud "then, let's do this."

I go to the end of the ship the Carvahna are still there, Sneasel moves up and sits on the railing and see's the Carvahna. I look to see its face it has a frightening smile it looks so eager to battle, "Sneasel use ice beam and freeze the surface and make sure the Carvahna can't move."

When Sneasel hears that it jumps from the railing, I stand there shocked I didn't know it was going to do that. While it’s jumping it freezes the water around the Carvahna, and then freezes the Carvahna, what a smart Pokémon.

Way to go Sneasel!

I take an opportunity while they are distracted to look for the injured Carvahna and when I see it; luckily it’s all alone so when I throw the Pokeball it won't be confused. I throw the Pokeball; it doesn't finish the capture when I tell Sneasel "grab the Pokeball."

Once I say the word Pokeball, the Carvahna turn wild I guess they don't like pokeball and during this confusion Sneasel turns to grab the Pokeball and throws it to me. I manage to catch it and as I catch it, it stops wobbling and is not red anymore.

I jump in the air and yell "Capture complete" I caught my first Pokémon a Carvahna, Sneasel joins me on the deck and smiles, he seems satisfied with himself I go up to Sneasel and hug him he doesn't hug me back though.

I look again to see if the Carvahna were still bothering the ship but there were no Carvahna anymore, they left. A voice behind me said "I guess I underestimated you, you did solve the problems" I turn to see who talked and it was the captain "you seem too excited to capture a Carvahna." I look at him in the face and say "it's my first Pokémon, sir" he turns around and says, "you should be too excited, Carvahna always cause problems."

At that time I didn't know what he meant but I was going to find out soon enough.

The End

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