Battle On

How do I catch a Pokémon, it’s a total foreign concept to me because I was never taught how to capture Pokémon.

How am I supposed to catch Pokémon, if I don't know how?

I can't ask Jaz because he doesn't know either; we are going to Pastoria to get his Pokédex because Professor Rowan is there. He is Jaz's family friend he has know Jaz when he was a kid.

Back to my capturing problem, I need to find a solution and then I decide to ask a trainer I see this guy he has white hair and light blue eyes "Excuse me?" He turns around to see me "Yes, can I help you" now that I see him up close I notice, he's pretty attractive I hope he doesn't notice me blushing I ask him "Well, are you a trainer?" "Why are you asking?" "I need to catch a Pokémon, I have pokeball but I don't know how?"

He doesn't answer and then he starts laughing like a maniac, then asks, "You're a trainer and you don't know how to catch a Pokémon" "No" I reply totally serious, he continues to laugh.

"Do you have any Pokémon?" he asks "Yes" he stops laughing and nods "then I challenge you to a Pokémon battle to determine your strength to make sure your not embarrassing trainers everywhere" "Fine" I reply in an angry tone.

Make sure I am not an embarrassment to trainers; I will make him eat his words.

I reach to my belt grab Sneasel Pokéball grab it and throw it up in the air "Come on out, Sneasel" I say. "Ready to battle Sneasel" I simply see the back of his head nod, "a Sneasel, I approve" what do I care about his approval.

"Let go, Wingull," he throws his Pokéball and a small birdlike Pokémon comes out, its body is white and on each wing it has there is a blue line, it’s cute.

Too bad I have to beat it, "Sneasel icy winds" it created a fog on a battlefield and hid Sneasel in it, perfect. "Wingull use wing attack to clear the fog," he scream at Wingull "Sneasel use shadow claw now" I yell at Sneasel. He jumps from the fog and uses shadow claw and it throws Wingull to the ground. "Now, use ice beam on its wings" Sneasel does so, now Wingull can't fly. I tell Wingull trainer "Take it back" Sneasel nods in agreement; in an annoyed tone he says, "you're a good trainer, happy?" "Yes," he puts Wingull back in its pokeball, Sneasel comes up to me I rub his head he likes it.

"Now that the battle ended can you tell me how to catch a Pokémon?" I ask the trainer, "it's quite simple you weaken the Pokémon and toss a Pokéball at it, what Pokémon are you trying to catch?" "A Carvahna" he stares at me shocked and says "A Carvahna they are not easy to train or to deal with, and I like to record the names of the trainers I battle with what's yours." "I am Darcy, and you?" he reply's "I am Alistair, pleasure to meet you" it's not mine to be insulted, so no thank you but I reply "nice to meet you Alistair" he turns around and leaves.

Now it's time to capture a Carvahna, I hope I catch it.

The End

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