The Adventure Continues

Carvahna is a dark, water type Pokémon and people say it highly dangerous. I turn around and yell at the Captain "It's a school of Carvahna."

Then everyone starts panicking. This just makes it worse.

The Captain slowly comes and says "Carvahna huh" he looks over the railing and says "it going to be a hard day today." He turns around and walks away then I say, "what can I do to help." He looks at me and said "do you have a water or grass type Pokémon" "no, but will an ice type Pokémon help?"

He nods and says "it will only freeze the Carvahna and maybe the boat, it can harm our engines if we are not careful" and he walks away.

I don't know what to do, then I see a Carvahna it all has scratches on it they looked like they were in pain. Why?

 So I decided to go see if there was a Nurse Joy on board to see if she could help the Carvahna. But how can I get the Carvahna for Nurse Joy to see it would be bad for her to just go down and deal with those Carvahna.

I go below and tell Jaz the situation, he tells me to just ignore it, because they would leave eventually. Doesn't he care about Pokémon other than his own?

Then I found a solution capture Carvahna, and how would I do that?

The End

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