The Adventure Begins

The boat ride to Pastoria was long and very tiring, we had one stop before we arrived to Pastoria, and it was at Sunnyshore it was only for the crew to get supplies for the rest of the journey. Sneasel spent, as much time as possible outside of his pokeball he didn’t want to go inside because he didn’t want to miss anything of this journey.

I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world either. 

We decided to put our Pokémon battling skills to the test with the rest of the passengers; they wanted to face Sneasel because he was an Ice type Pokémon. There are very few ice types with comparison with the others, thought most of them knew that Sneasel was also a Dark type.

In the midst of a battle, I felt the excitement and the joy of winning battles. 

When a trainer loses a battle we give money or something of value to the victor. In a battle which I fought against a beautiful Roselia, when I won the trainer gave me money and also a razor fang.

He said if I gave Sneasel the razor fang at night, he would evolve into a Weavile. I like Sneasel as he was I wasn't sure if I want him to turn into a Weavile. So I decided to always keeping the razor fang with me because if I needed it could become useful, so I put the razor fang on made it into a necklace.

I check my clock its 6:00 pm it's time to eat I begin to open the door when the boat was pushed to the left; I was slammed against the wall. Second's later people pocked their head to see what had happened.

There must be something wrong; I go up to the deck to see what was going on. 

When I got on the deck I didn't know what to expect, some people where already their mostly trainers. They were asking the Captain "what was going on?" The captain looked composed even thought he was being badgered by everyone up here.

I decided that maybe it wasn't the captains fault I don't think he would be reckless enough to endanger the passenger and the crew like that.

Maybe it was a wave.

I looked over the edge and what I saw was more dangerous than a wave. It was a school of Carvanha.

The End

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