I'm in for the ride

When I get to Snowpoint temple I check my watch it sais 9:05, why isn't he here. I decided to wait 5 minutes, why did Jaz not come. Is he late or did he regret coming on this adventure and decide to tell my parents, thinking about this I decided to meet with Jaz on the boat. I clearly told Jaz that if I didn't see him here I would leave without him.

I walk to my cousins' gym, my cousin is Candice and when I am really I will face her in a gym battle.  People say I look like Candice I just have her black hair, and unlike her I have icy-blue eyes. My parent's love that about me, that I have Icy-blue eyes they love everything ice, that is why they live in Snowpoint city.

I hate it. It's just cold.

I pass the gym, check the time it is 9:25, 20 minutes I made good time but still. I can't miss the boat; it might be my only chance at escape from Snowpoint city.

  I am beginning to chase my own dreams not my parents.

I need to hurry up; to the pokemart I still forgot to buy pokeballs. I still can't believe I almost forgot to buy pokeballs, well I guess my parents will find out about it. But when I am in Pastoria they wouldn't be able to control me.

At the counter it's my friend Anita, "Hey Anita" she looks surprised to see me. Probably because my parent have a curfew of 8:15 and I have to be in bed at 8:45. "Darcy, why are you here," she said, I take a deep breath "Could you sell me 6 pokeballs." She looks shocked that I asked her, Anita sais in a small voice "I am not permitted to sell you pokeball, or anybody because if we do we will be fired." What fired, my parents why did they do that, oh right I know to try to stop me. Then Anita said "They said no to sell them to you but I can buy them for you, and give them to you." My face brightened, "give me your bag," she said I give her my pouch not my bag, she goes to the pokeball counter and gets pokeballs. "It will be $1000” I hand over the money but it left a dent in my wallet thought, but I need the pokeballs "Thanks" and I left.

I check my watch 9:45 I run to the pier. Gasping for breath when I get there, "Ticket please" said a person from the boat. I check in my bag when I remember that I left it my pouch. I open my pouch and I don't see my ticket, I clearly remember putting it there, Anita. She must have done it, in order to stop me from leaving from Snowpoint. "I forgot my ticket," then he said "no ticket no ride" Anita must have been counting on that. Then a familiar voice sais "She is with me, she is my party of two," I turn around I see Jaz, he says to me "Hey Darse," his nickname for me "I thought you weren't going to make it." He angrily checks his list "are you Darcy Black," I smile at him "yes" he grunts "well then, go on."

I run up and hug Jaz, "you're a total lifesaver, Jaz,” I whisper in his ear. Then, Jaz out all red and sais "Darcy I will show you to your cabin," "thanks" and I smile at him. "But first, Sneasel" I yell, he comes out of his Pokeball, "Sneasel, we are going on a journey."

We both smile as the ship departs.   

The End

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