Here we go

Darcy lives in Sinnoh, in Snowpoint the coldest place in Sinnoh. Her parents run a daycare and they want her to run it too. She doesn't want to, but since she is an only child she has to so on her 15th birthday she runs away to become a pokemon trainer.

When I was 12, I wanted to go on my own Pokémon journey like the rest of the kids my age but my parents didn't allow me. In exchange they decided to give me a Pokémon of my own Sneasel, an ice type dark type Pokémon.

At first I didn't like Sneasel because it was an ice type Pokémon, because I am tired of this cold weather. Snowpoint is a boring town when it’s always freezing, and there is never anything to do in my opinion.

But tonight is the night I am going to escape this town. I agreed to meet my friend Jaz, outside Snowpoint temple at 9:00 and from there catch our boat that leaves at 10:00 to freedom in Pastoria city.

I grab a bag; I put in my clothing and formal clothing, because I might enter a contest you never know. I change from my pj's to my black pants, my white tank top, and my black knee length coat. I put my hair in a pony tail, put on a hat, I put my Pokémon belt and I throw my pokeball Sneasel pops out "Sneasel" I say "tonight is the night of the escape," Sneasel gives me his dark smile, and I put my pillows under my blankets so my parents think I am asleep. When they come and check up on me every night.

I open the window "Sneasel use icy winds," he does, I jump out of my window, luckily the snow is soft. Sneasel jumps up and closes the window; I grab my pokeball "thanks Sneasel for your help." It's a cold night in Snowpoint city today, colder than usual I take my first step, my first step to freedom and it feels so great.

I walk in the forest leaving my past and beginning my future of freedom. 

The End

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