The last chapter concludes Poison-Ivy, but in case you're curious about what happened next....

  1. Venne was only partly right about being able to read the coded book from the top of the tower.  He worked out that the book was a diary, kept by a mage, and that the mage had fought and confined some kind of elemental representation of the forest.  The diary also mentioned a copper mine not far away, that Venne realised must now be lost and forgotten, and therefore claimable by the first person to discover it again.
  2. Mirko returned a floor-plan and the history book to Sir Wickhold and then borrowed the history book from him to take back to the druids for a while.
  3. Lianna collected the money from Sir Wickhold, kept it all for herself, and started a personal quest to find some frostguard armour.
  4. The druids at the enclave recognised Mirko's description of the flag found in the tower as being that of a hobgoblin war-leader from a century ago.  Together with the report of the hobgoblin force arriving to take the tower, they began to worry and decided to send an emissary to Sir Wickhold to discuss the threat.
  5. The druids also recognised the description of the tapestry as depicting a forest temple.  Their emissary to Sir Wickhold was instructed to petition for the retrieval of the tapestry, which they were willing to purchase from him.

I'd like to say that they all lived happily ever after, but that wouldn't be true.

The End

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