Mirko woke gently, his senses gradually growing sharper.  He was lying on his back on a stone floor that was unpleasantly cold, and he could hear the soft breathing of his two companions nearby.  Both were breathing rhythmically still, both were asleep.  The first rays of sunlight were falling on his face, surely what had wakened him.  The stone walls deadened his senses beyond the room, but he could hear the chirrups and whistles of the dawn chorus beginning.

He sat up, moving stiffly and slowly, opened his eyes, and froze.  Lianna had been sitting near the door and had half-turned as he moved, her sword lunging towards his face.  She blinked once, then again, and lowered her sword.

"You move too quietly, druid," she said, coughing.  "You'll get yourself cut if you're not careful."

A rustle on the other side of her made them both turn their heads; Venne was now sitting up.  He cloak had slid back from his face, showing a dark shock of hair, flattened slightly on the side he'd been sleeping.  He pulled his cloak back around him, and hugged himself.

"It's cold, barely light, and already you're arguing?"

Mirko said nothing but continued standing up now, and went to the fireplace, nudging the banked fire and adding some twigs to it.  Gradually he brought it back up to a blaze and the heat spilled out into the room, dissipating the night's chill.  He checked his pockets for his last boiled egg, and tapped it on the hearth-stones to crack it open.

"Druid, you'll continue drawing out the floor-plan," said Lianna, stretching.  "You did a nice job of this floor last night.  Watchmaker, I want you sticking that nose of yours into everything.  This was an old guard tower, and there's bound to be a hidden cupboard or locked store-room in here somewhere.  If nothing else there has to have been cells, and it'd be strange to have them upstairs.  For now though you can open that door again and we'll take a look at those stairs."

Venne's robed looked a little more huddled to Mirko, but then he uncurled himself and went to the door.  Mirko wondered briefly why Lianna didn't bother to learn their names, but pushed the thought away.  She probably just saw them as soldiers.  The door opened easily enough, and Venne stepped away, pulling it open.

Lianna screamed and dropped her sword.  It clanged brightly against the stone floor, an echo ringing briefly around the room.  Mirko dropped his egg and stared at her, his mouth hanging open.

She slapped him almost casually, but the strength of the blow was enough to turn his head to the side.

"You do not eat breakfast when we're exploring an unknown, potentially dangerous, tower, druid.  You put your egg away and you prepare yourself.  You do not leave it all to me."  She looked down at the half-eaten egg on the floor and stepped on it, grinding it into the stone with her heel.  "Prepare yourself, druid.  We have a job to do."

The End

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