Poisoned Seducer

Sam was only 7 when she witnessed the murder of her parents by a serial killer who was never cought. She is put into foster care and given a new name. 10 years later murders surround her which are identical to the ones she witnessed all them years ago. Convinced it's the same person she sets out to find the person, knowing little of how it will destroy everything she ever loved and believed in.


His grasp held onto her hand tightly, not in the warm, soft way that she loved. This one sent a cold shiver down her spine. Her body was shaking uncontrollably but she was transfixed on the spot, petrified. 'Please, don't be scared I'm still me just, a little different.' She wanted to scream, to run and hide and completely forget about him, forever. 'Please, please just understand, I love you, nothing can change how I feel about you.' She opened her mouth but no words came out. A choking noise came from her throat and her legs finally gave way, she fell to the floor, her hand still in his. 'I will never hurt you like that again, I will make sure he will never hurt you again. I am going to be there by your side forever. Just accept me for what I am, and I will be yours.' Her eyes left the floor and met his. She no longer knew what she was doing anymore, the temptation was too much. Her hand rose to touch her cheek, he leaned in closer to her, their lips were almost touching.

'Maria!' A huge bang came from somewhere and a bright light shot across her eyes 'Maria, Maria, Maria!' 

The End

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