Peter Pan


            Ryan, Peter, Natalie, and I stared at each other.  Rensen sighed, stood from his chair, and went to answer the door.  When silence reigned, we, the foursome, became extremely worried, considering that Rensen was the one who had saved us all.  My head was swimming with the possibilities of the danger that could happen.  Without even realizing what I was saying, I broke the silence, “It’s very possible that one of Kragtige’s soldiers are here.  I’m sure Rensen is either hurt or kidnapped, considering there is no noise.  We should pack quickly, and find whatever weapons and provisions we can find.  Rensen is in danger, I’m sure of it.  The least we can do now is bring Rensen back and help him.” 

“Jenny, I’m not going to say you’re wrong.  But to be blunt, we don’t even know if anything you said is true.  Here, how about this:  We’ll do everything you said and creep into the hallway.  If we see any soldiers, we’ll kill them with the weapons we find, okay?” Peter said, avoiding my eyes.  I blushed as I realized that neither of us had forgotten the awkward moment when he had held me while I cried my eyes out.  I nodded, unwilling to release a noise.  In less than a second, all of us were running, attempting to be quiet, but not really working.  As I packed clothes into my bag, I saw a copy of Peter Pan on my bedside table.  I smiled.  I loved that story when I was little—At least, I thought I did.  Maybe Rensen was right.  I must be remembering things from my past.  I picked the copy up, sat on my bed, and began reading from the last part I remembered. 

“And Wendy said, ‘This thimble belongs to you and always will. And then she gave him a kiss.’”

I paused, sighing.  It was such a good book.  And then Peter walked in.


            No, not that Peter.  The Peter in this story.  He grinned.  “Reading fairytales?  Aren’t you a bit old for that?”  he asked in a teasing voice. 

“What, haven’t you ever read Peter Pan?  It’s such a good book.  But then, I guess you’retoo oldfor that,” I teased back. 

Then, with a serious face, Peter commanded, “Read that last line again.”

“And Wendy said, ‘This thimble belongs to you and always will.  And then she gave him a kiss.’”

With that last line, I leaned forward and kissed Peter.  I felt like I was soaring, feeling so happy.  Peter tenderly put his hand on my face, never pulling away from the kiss. 

A clatter startled us both, and as we turned, we saw Ryan, smiling from ear to ear. 

“Hello.  Having fun are we?”

I knew my face was burning and I grabbed my bag and the book and walked out.  I scurried down the stairs, just wanting to run away.  If only Ryan hadn’t come in!  I bumped into Natalie along the way, whose face was quite red from excitement.

“What is it, Natalie?”  I asked.

“I found the weaponry room!  You would not believe what kind of things Rensen keeps!”  Natalie said elatedly.

I followed her through a series of confusing hallways until we finally ended up in a room similar to the living room.  I didn’t see any weapons and was quite confused.  Natalie’s eyes gleamed, daring me to find out for myself.  I walked around until I stepped on the rug.  Something didn’t sound right.  I stepped on it again, and a hollow sound echoed under my feet.  I lifted the rug and saw a trapdoor.  Natalie and I pulled and pushed the door open, and finally, to our relief, we were able to get inside.  Stone steps led down into darkness, and with a feeling of fear, I asked Natalie, “Are you sure this is totally safe?”
“Yeah!” was the enthusiastic reply.  I rolled my eyes.  There had to be some way to get that girl to calm down.  I stepped down into the darkness, willing to risk my life, in case this was something bad.  “You’re sure this is the weaponry room, right?” I asked as we walked deeper and deeper into the dark. 
“Totally!” Again, another enthusiastic reply.  Something in the air was wrong.  It didn’t feel right. 

            Peter and Ryan stood facing each other in the room, Ryan still grinning from ear to ear.

“So, looks like somebody has fallen in love,” Ryan said teasingly.

“I’m not the only one! What about you and Natalie?” Peter said back, his face a bit pink..

“Good point, but I’m willing to admit that I love her.”

“Well….When did I not admit it?”


Then both of the boys each heard screaming from downstairs and simultaneously said, “The girls!”


            Natalie turned to face Jennifer in the dark dank weaponry room.   “It’s nice to meet you, Jennifer,” Natalie said in a strange voice.

“W-w-what?! What’s going on? Where is the real Natalie?” Jennifer yelled.  And then, horrifyingly, Natalie transformed into a man.  A man with slick black hair and hollow black eyes.  From instinct, Jennifer knew this man was Kragtige.



            When Ryan and Peter went to go search for Jennifer and Natalie, they had no idea what they would come to.  As they searched, they couldn’t find Jennifer or Natalie,  and they began getting anxious.  What would happen if they weren’t able to find them?  This wasn’t exactly their house anyway.  It might take hours before they could find the girls and by then…

“Ryan, what if there were millions of secret passageways we didn’t know about?” Peter quietly asked.

“Well- “

Ryan’s reply was cut off by a loud hollow thud.  The two boys had simply been wandering around the area of which they had thought the girls( or girl) had screamed.  They lifted the carpet they were standing on and found the trapdoor.  As they opened it, they saw nothing but the darkness Jennifer had seen only a few moments before.  They crept in, feeling the sense of danger.  As they walked down the damp steps, they heard muffled yelling and ran faster.  The sight before them was frightening.


            Kragtige was pinning Jennifer down with one hand, his knife slowly sliding across her pale arm.  Natalie was laid forgotten on the floor.  She looked so peaceful, it was almost as if she was sleeping.  But Ryan was not fooled, and he rushed to her aid.  Kragtige didn’t even try to stop him.  He only grinned and said, “My, my, Jennifer Karis.  Lucky for you, we have an audience.”

“Leave her alone!” Peter shouted.  He was disturbed by the fact that this did seem like some kind of play, except that it was real.  Jennifer was getting paler and paler, whimpering with tears running down her face.  He knew she had put up a fight by the small cuts on her neck and a sword laying on the ground a few feet away. 

“Now, now, Jenny.  Don’t fret, your boyfriend’s here.  He’ll be joining you in a few moments time,”  kragtige said softly.

Peter reached to get a weapon, but Jenny cried out, “No Peter! Don’t! He’ll only hurt you! He’s luring you into a trap!”

Peter simply stared, not knowing what to do.  His mind was racing with all the possible victories and failures this could maybe bring.  He was extremely angry.  Why had all this ever happen to him?  Why couldn’t he save Jenny?  Why couldn’t he be a man?  As these thoughts went through his brain, he inhaled and exhaled. Without knowing, he had caused a great wind to come, a great wind that took Kragtige up up up in the air.   Kragtige growled and vanished.  Jenny was sprawled out on the cold stone floor, her dark hair surrounded by a pool of blood.  Ryan was holding Natalie to his chest, and quickly ran up the stone stairs with her in his arms. Peter crawled over to Jenny, scared to see if she was alive.

The End

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