Ms. Harber?Or the monster within?

She looked scared for a moment, and then looked surprised.  “Jenny, did you put too much make-up on or something? You’reglowing, child.”

I knew I must be blushing furiously.  “No, ma’am.  I don’t know why I’m glowing.  I-I- I guess I just- I might’ve-”

Luckily, I was spared from making up a lame excuse because right then, Ms. Harber exclaimed, “Why, Natalie, you’re glowing as well.  And Peter and Ryan? What’s going on here?  Someone say something!”

Peter and Ryan happened to be two boys; Peter being American, Ryan being Asian.  Both of the boys were amazingly gorgeous, but it was Peter who caught my eye.  He had black hair, with just a hint of curls, and the queerest type of eyes: they weren’t quite blue, but not quite green either.  It didn’t matter to me, because I just thought it was enchanting.  He had a light tan that looked natural.  He replied, “Well, Ms. Harber, I might be glowing, but I guess the glowing comes from my extreme hotness.”  Ms. Harber looked furious.  “You, Peter, will come with me.  You too, Ryan, Natalie, Jennifer.  As for the rest of you…”  At this statement, she glared at all of them, as to say, “You better not do anything.” 

Natalie was nothing like I’d ever seen her before, flirting every second she could with Ryan.  I had to admit, Ryan was cute.  His hair was black, straight and he seemed to be obsessed with flipping it in an adorable way.  His black eyes sparkled in the light.  With every flirtatious comment Natalie made, he flipped his hair and looked down on her.  To me, it seemed like he was impressed and was flirting with him. 


            I glanced at Ms. Harber, wondering if I was in trouble.  The way she said our names, it seemed that we were in trouble.  Peter was walking beside me, his gorgeous eyes twinkling mischievously and he was smiling as if he had just received a large trophy.  He caught me staring at him and said teasingly, “I do look rather gorgeous, don’t I?”  I stared at him blankly.  He laughed.  I rolled my eyes.  He may be super-hot, but that didn’t change the fact that he was annoying.  I slowed down so that I was no longer walking beside Peter.  He stopped and turned.  “Did I say something to annoy you?” he asked sweetly as if he was the nicest guy in the world.  “No, you were just being yourself,” I said, more annoyed than I was before. “You’reonlybeing obnoxious.”


“Ugh.” By now, I was disgusted by the guy.  I interrupted Natalie and with an apologetic look toward Ryan.  “Natalie, what the heck are you doing?”  I asked her. 

“What are you talking about?” she replied attempting to feign a look of innocence.

“You know you’re a terrible liar, right? Just letting you know.”

“Er…Okay, so what’s so bad about me flirting with the guy I happen to have a crush on? Ryan has been my crush for…forever!”

“Forever?  So you’ve known him?  I thought you didn’t remember anything.”

“I-I didn’t.” Natalie looked genuinely confused, as if she hadn’t meant to say it.

I thought,If Natalie can somehow go back into her memories, maybe I can too.  I just have to concentrate.  I’ve got to remember my past life.  I don’t think I was kidnapped.


                We reached our destination.  Ms. Harber had taken us into her office.  She pointed to a row of chairs for us to sit.  Peter sat down and smirked at me.  What was that dude’s problem?  When we had all been seated, Ms. Harber sat down at her own seat behind a mahogany desk.  She smiled, showing a row of straight, blindingly white teeth. 


Her voice seemed to ring throughout the room.  I began feeling a little uncomfortable, and a squirming feeling was haunting my stomach.  I looked over at Natalie and saw that she seemed to be feeling the same way.  I even looked over at Peter, and to my happiness, he was feeling just as uncomfortable. 

“Can you explain why you were glowing?” Ms. Harber asked, her voice dripping with over-exaggerated sweetness. 

Though Peter looked as if he was about to gag, his big ego hadn’t gone away.  “Like I said, it hasgotto bebecause of my amazing hotness.” Ryan was trying hard not to laugh, but he finally gave over and cracked up.  “Shut up, dude.  You’re going to get us all in trouble.”

I mustered up the courage up to talk, but all that came out was a small squeak.  “Um…I don’t know why I was glowing, Ms. Harber.  I certainly did not put on too much make-up.  I believe none of us knows why we’re glowing.”

“Of course, she’s the practical one.  She only states the obvious,” Peter whispered to Ryan.  I flushed and clenched my fists. No use getting angry now, I thought.

“Natalie? You feel the same way, I assume, like Miss Jennifer insists?” Ms. Harber asked.  Natalie nodded.  “Well, then.  If Mr. Ryan and Mr. Peter would stop snickering in the background, I can explain my theory of why you’re all glowing.”

Ryan and Peter tried to muster up a serious look, but all they got was a terrible-looking smirk.  Ms. Harber accepted it and moved on.

“I believe that you all have accepted the power of the Elements.”


I stood up.  “I haven’t accepted anything!” I said angrily.  “Maybe you should stop talking about all this stupid ‘Element’ crap and talk about somethingreal! Even you thought it wasn’t real!” 

Ms. Harber’s eyes seemed to catch on fire.  Her eyes bore into my eyes, paralyzing me to do anything.  I couldn’t even breathe.  It was like she had taken over my body.  Something way weird was going on here.  Natalie was freaking out.  She seemed to want to do something, but instead, it seemed like she’d rather run for it.  And run for it she did.  She made a break for the door, and Ryan ran after her.  They never made it.  Ms. Harber released me and I fell, expecting the cold, hard floor.  Instead, I was caught safely in the arms of Peter.  He stared at me concernedly, as if he was seeing if I was safe. This is so romantic.  If only he would kiss me,I thought desperately.  Peter seemed to consider the thought of kissing me too because he leaned forward, his cool minty breath lingering on my face.  Instead, he leaned forward to say, “You are so stupid.”  Then, with me feeling embarrassed and in shock, he dropped me.  I picked myself up and looked at the scene.  Well, it could’ve been worse.  Let’s just say that everything seemed to be going downhill from here.


            Ms. Harber was no longer the sweet angelic woman with the movie-star smile any longer.  Instead she was replaced by 8 feet of pure scariness.  Her hair was turned from full blonde hair to thin little wisps of black hair glued to her scalp.  Her skin was pale and rotten, as if she had been decaying over the years.  Her eyes were red and glinting with something along the lines of, “Yes! I’m ready to kick some Element butt!”  She had a tail protruding from her rear end, and it was made of metal.  Real, solid metal with a pointy arrow at the end.  She even had wings sticking out of her back, but strangely, her wings were white and feathery.  The scary part of her wings:  they were dipped in blood at the tips, little drops dripping from the ends.   But the worst part about her gruesome features was her breath.  No, it wasn’t that she had stinky breath or anything.  But let me just say, you don’t want to see her roar, unless you wanted to get burned to a crisp. 


            Now that you know what Ms. Harber looks like, you can imagine what chaos she was causing.  “Hey, Ms. Harber! Nice wings you got there!”  Peter yelled.  Ms. Harber turned around and shrieked.  Peter dodged the column of fire shot at him.  I had to admit, I was pretty impressed with his bravery.  I certainly would not do that….

“My name is not Ms. Harber, youngling.  It is I, Queen of all Demons, Arcaena!” Arcaena roared.  Natalie and Ryan had collapsed on the floor, their hands clasped together.  Peter was busy dodging each column of fire exploded toward him.  “Hey, Jen!  A little help here?”  he shouted.  I picked up a random book and threw it at Arcaena’s head. What perfect aim, I thought.  I happened to hit her neck instead and she roared again.  This time the fire came toward me.  I rolled in the other direction.  “Hey, Peter!  A little help here?” I mocked.  As I was talking, I didn’t realize the fire speeding toward me.  And then the breath was knocked out of me.  The next thing I knew, I was pressed on the floor, Peter blocking me from the burning inferno.  We locked eyes and we knew what we needed to do.  We stood at either side of Arcaena, risking the burning flames licking our feet.  I closed my eyes, blocking out all the noise and commotion.  I felt that tingling sensation in my hands and raised them toward Arcaena.  I thought of a waterfall.  And out a waterfall came toward Arcaena, a bunch of pressured water flying into her face.  As I opened my eyes, I saw that Arcaena was flying and screaming as pressured water covered her.  Peter looked at me and nodded.  He closed his eyes and put up his hands, like I did.  He seemed to not do anything.  Then his eyes flew open and he pushed…the air.  It was like there was a giant air-gun.  Arcaena was thrown back with such powerful force that she was almost knocked over.  Suddenly, I felt faint and felt the need to sit down.  Flames were crawling all over the floor and everything was on fire.  It was killing me.  I couldn’t stand the heat or the fire.  As one flame touched me, I screamed.  I guess me having the power of water; I was more hurt when fire touched me.  The pain was unbearable.  Peter ran toward me, his face showing exhaust but also concern. Concern for me, I thought happily.  And then I fainted.

The End

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