New Room, New look

Before it was even dawn, I woke, feeling sore all over.  I walked into the bathroom and gasped.  I felt like I had walked into a celebrity’s mansion.  It was amazing. Marble floors and walls, adorned with shells and starfish.  There was even a small pool filled with real dolphins.  The funny thing was, thiswaswhat I liked.  It was my style.  I didn’t think about it too much and tried out the shower.  When I was all cleaned up, I explored the closet.  It was like a mini-mall!  Just like the bathroom, shells were adorned everywhere.  I was beginning to think I was in an underwater palace.  Most of my clothes were blue, sea green, and silver.  I stood, stunned, and suddenly I was zipping around, trying on six different outfits.  I finally settled on an aqua frilled mini-dress with matching shoes.  I decided to explore my apartment.  The night before I had gone straight to my bed rather than look around.  Now I saw that there were several doors.  Two I had explored.  It was time to go on an adventure around my room.  I felt a little silly prancing around my room, but how else was I going to do it?  The first door I went to led to a kitchen, breakfast bar, and a small table with chairs.  It was quaint and cute, just the way I liked it.  The second door led to a living room.  This was probably my favorite room.  The floor was clear glass, and underneath it was an ocean.  Kind of.  There were dolphins, sharks, all kinds of tropical fish living underneath.  It was beautiful.  There were sofas, little tables, and a flat-screen TV.   On one end of the room there was a buffet table full of drinks and little snacks.  Then there was a small desk in another corner with a bunch of office supplies.  I thought,Wow, they really know how to furnish well, just like the person wants it.  There was even a laptop.  As I was seeing all these details of this fantasy, someone knocked on a jointing door to my room I hadn’t even noticed.  I ran to get it, and who was it but Natalie.  I smiled, and leaned to see what her room was like.  She walked into mine and I walked into hers.  If there had been a stranger there, the stranger would’ve laughed.  We looked so funny; wide-eyed and saying simultaneously things like, “Wow! This is amazing!”

Her room was really amazing.  It was a lot like mine, but the only difference was the different styles of clothing and the fact that the theme was not ocean, but rather earth.  It was really nice.  Finally we settled in my living room.  Natalie and I discussed the weirdness of it all.  It didn’t surprise me when she said, “It’s funny, I don’t remember anything about my other life.  I only remember this white light and then me going out.  I kind of remember them leading me into a white room full of beds and then, when I wasn’t looking, they stabbed me with a syringe.  I blacked out after that.” 

“You know, I think something’s going on here.  The exact thing happened to me.  When I mentioned it to Ms. Harber, she cursed under her breath, like I wasn’t supposed to remember anything.  I’m not too sure that they’re trying to help us,” I told Natalie. 

“I think you’re right, but at this point, we can’t do anything.  Besides, we can’t jump to conclusions.  We’ve only met them yesterday.  Let’s give them a chance, okay?” Natalie replied with a small smile. 

I nodded my head, but my mind was racing with suspicion.  I scolded myself; I knew I was being ridiculous.  Natalie took my hand and said, “Come on! Let’s go to the cafeteria and get something to eat.”


            When we arrived at the cafeteria, it was crowded.  It was a small cafeteria, modern and with thousands of different breakfast dishes.  My stomach grumbled as I realized I hadn’t eaten anything since… Since whenever.  I ran to grab whatever appealed to my eye…and my stomach.  As soon as I had filled with my plate up, I walked around to find an empty table.  As I walked, 48 pairs of eyes followed me.  I was worried; was there something on my face?  Finally I found one, and sat down to wait for Natalie.  Natalie came, sat down, and finally stared at me with eyes as large as dinner plates.  I stared at her silently.  The whole cafeteria became quiet just to stare at me.  Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore.  “What is your problem?” I hissed. 

“Jenny, you’re-you’re glowing,” she stuttered.

I sat back in my chair, stunned. This has got to be some practical joke, I thought.

“Okay, ha ha ha, very funny.  Now can you stop?” I said loudly.

And that was when Ms. Harber came in.

The End

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