Poisoned Cup, Fountain of Death

50 teenagers taken from their parents. 4 teenagers singled out. A horrifying disguise. A woman who seems to be trustworthy. And these 4 teenagers are destined to become the most important people in the world.

A soft, gentle breeze caressed my face as I lay down upon tufts of green grass.  The sun’s warm fingers reached down to shine upon the world.  I breathed in the scent of fresh summer air and sighed.  Everything felt perfect.  But of course, nothing stayed perfect for long.


            My parents and I had been enjoying a fine day when it happened.  Mom, Dad, and I were laughing and teasing each other happily.  And then, that’s when we first saw it, a bright silver glimmer on the horizon.  Only seconds later once we realized what it was, we dived out of the way, but by then it was too late.  A large explosion hit us, and a blinding flash of white was all I saw before darkness overtook me.


            When I woke, I realized I was in a crowded place, full of parents and other children my age.  I had been holding my parents’ hands, and I realized mine were slippery.

“Mom?  Dad?” I whispered.

“We’re here, honey,” Dad said.

“I love you,” I said, suddenly afraid.

“We love you, too, honey,” Mom said.  I took a long glance at both of them.  Mom had golden hair and electric blue eyes and perfect rosy lips.  I inherited her eyes and lips, though mine were not as perfect.  My dad had a nice straight nose, dark hair, and green eyes.  I inherited his hair and nose.


            Suddenly, people snatched me away from my parents and I screamed, “Mom!  Dad!”

My dad was fighting to get me, as was my mom.  Finally giving up, they glanced at me and mouthed the words, “I love you.”  That was the last I saw of them.


            I was blind-folded and pushed around.  Finally, the blindfold fell away and I saw a plain white room.  About 50 beds were placed side by side in the room.  I was told to lay on the bed beside a pretty girl.  She had blond hair that almost glowed.  That’s as far as I could tell with her, because her eyes were closed, as if she was asleep.  In fact, everyone in the room’s eyes were closed.  There were 25 boys and 24 girls.  I was the 25th.  I recognized many faces and realized we were probably all from the same town.  And I realized something else, too.  We were all 13.  My mind raced as I wondered who these people were.  Terrorists?  Murderers?  People from a strange cult?  I decided not to take any chances and did what they asked.  A man leaned toward me and said, “This won’t hurt one bit.”  Then, with a nonchalant smile, he took a syringe out of nowhere and stabbed it into my arm.  There was no pain, like he said, only a soft, fuzzy feeling.  Then, I knew no more. 


            I slowly opened my eyes and saw a pair of startlingly green eyes peering back at me.  So I did the logical thing.  I screamed.  A woman rushed over to me and asked, “Is there anything wrong?”

I shook my head, and she smiled.  The woman pulled out a photo of a man and a woman, who both looked extremely intelligent.  The woman was beautiful, and the man was handsome, so they seemed to be a perfect couple. 

“Jennifer, I’m Ms. Harber.  My colleagues and I found you sitting by these people in a plane.  Do you recognize them?” the woman asked.

I had never seen the people before, and told her so.  “What happened to me and where am I?” I asked.  I was a little scared to find out, because I had no recollection of my past life.  I quietly asked, “Who am I?” Ms. Harber took my hand and explained.

“You are Jennifer Karis, a very special girl.  You were in a plane accident with all these other children.  You were found sitting by the couple I showed you in the photo.  I asked all the other children and the same thing happened.  They were sitting by a couple who were complete strangers.  But with everyone, they seem to remember nothing from their former life.  We, my colleagues and I, have concluded that you were kidnapped.”

At this, I was surprised and relieved that I was alive.  I did faintly remember someone snatching away from…from what?  To Ms. Harber I said, “I remember now!  Well, kind of… All I can remember is bright lights and people snatching me,” I said.

Ms. Harber cursed under her breath, as if I had said something extremely bad.  This strange phase soon passed though, and finally she looked up and smiled at me, then frowned.

“Jenny, can I call you Jenny?” She went on without even a glance to see if I cared. “Jenny, our doctors found something strange in all of the teenagers’ reports.  We believe the kidnappers experimented on you.  Our scientists say that you have developed strange powers.  There is a legend to these abnormal powers that we think your kidnappers might have been trying to come true.  You see, there once were four teenagers, your age, who developed unusual powers.  They developed the powers of the four Elements.  The four Elements were water, earth, air, and fire.  These teenagers supposedly “saved lives”.  One day, they left to go on a quest.  “A quest to find the missing,” they said.  Legend goes on to say that the “missing” were four jewels that each had a power of the elements.  It is told that if one person was to receive all four jewels, then he would become the most powerful person in the world.  The teenagers went to find the jewels, so that no person could ever get all four.  If that were to happen, chaos would appear at that person’s hand.  There were teenagers with minor powers, of course.  These teenagers had powers from the four Elements, but not the complete power.  They were considered unimportant.”

I gaped at her.  Ms. Harber explained, “Anyway, that’s only a legend, a myth.  There are no records of those teenagers existing.  Some historians think it’s not a legend, but rather a prophecy.  We believe those kidnappers were attempting to fulfill that prophecy.  Scientists disagree that it’s a myth.  They believe it’s true.  You have all received a piece of an element, according to them.”

“A piece of an element? How is that possible?” I asked, clearly puzzled.

“What I mean is, is that it’s a minor element.  We don’t believe that any of you were able to develop any of the main Elements,” she replied.  “Now, enough of this.  Go meet some friends!”

She walked away, leaving me pondering over the “legend”.   Suddenly the pair of green eyes popped us again. 

“Your eyes are really pretty,” a girl’s voice said.  And then I saw her completely.  She had bright blond hair and had a splash of freckles across her nose. 

“I’m Natalie, by the way.  I overheard the whole legend thing Ms. Harber told you.  She told me too, but not as detailed.  I wonder what element we are,” Natalie said very quickly.

“Uh…” I said, intelligently.

“You don’t talk much.  What’s your name?” Natalie asked.

“Er…Jennifer.  But you can call me Jenny,” I said.

“YIPPEE! Now I have a friend! You’ll be my friend, right?”

“I guess?”


The room instantly became quiet as Ms. Harber appeared at the front of the room. 

“Welcome, everyone!  As far as we know, you are all parentless.  For now, you will stay here and learn how to control your powers.  Obviously, you can’t go to the outside world the way that you are.  But don’t worry; we’ve got a wonderful campus here.  It’ll be like college, but earlier!”

A few people groaned at this.

Ms. Harber smiled and went on, “You will take classes every day except Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Cafeteria is always open, but you have your own kitchen in your ‘apartment’.  There’s a swimming pool, tennis court, and everything else.  Right now, we are going to ‘test’ you to see what minor element you have.”

Then I saw who “we” were.  Dozens of men and women in navy suits came toward us.  They looked like airplane attendants.


“Hello, my name is Fred.  I will test you now,” said a man in a monotone voice.  “Let’s start with this glass of water.”

He told me to stare at it and imagine it freezing.  I concentrated and my hands began to tingle.  I imagined the glass frozen, and it happened, just like that.  I imagined it back into water, and then attempted to lift a drop of water into the air.  Surprisingly, it happened.  I sat there, exhausted yet dumbstruck, and leaned back in my chair.  Fred had walked away and monotonously spoke to Ms. Harber.  Her eyes grew wider and wider and waving Fred away, she scurried toward me.  Flashing a big, cheesy smile, she patted my cheek and whispered, “Now darling, Fred tells me that you did some unusual things with that glass of water.  Can you show me?” Her eyes glinted dangerously, as if I was about to do something terrible.  I felt scared, but I knew that if I didn’t do what she asked, I would go through some kind of punishment.  I was disliking her by the minute. 

“Ma’am, I’m sorry, but I’m just exhausted.  Perhaps I could show you tomorrow?” I asked in the nicest voice I could muster at the moment.

A spasm of horrendous anger flitted across her face, but just as quickly, she changed back to normal. 

“Sure, sweetie.  We’ve run you all quite too hard, haven’t we?” she said, projecting her voice so that everyone could hear.  A chorus of groans filled the room and with that same cheesy smile, Ms. Harber dismissed us.  Natalie caught up to me, looking as exhausted as I felt. 

“You too, huh?” I asked.

“Oh, heck yeah! Are you kidding me? That woman kept pressuring me to ‘show her what I did’,” Natalie replied with little enthusiasm. 

Before we knew it, we were each put into our own rooms, just like a college dorm.  My room was just like I wanted it, furnished with everything I liked.  It seemed strange, but before I could get any ideas, I had fallen asleep.

The End

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