A couple of weeks past and spring graced us with its warmer tempreatures. Everything seemed to be going okay between Marshall and I. We have been getting on really well, talking to eachother about things. There was a time where we didn't speak at all. The silence was the loudest of noises we every heard, it cut through me like a knife. Now we talk all the time and about everything, like we did when we were in a good place.

We spent the morning together, we ate pancakes and ice cream for breakfast. Marshall put some music on and he showed me some stuff that he wrote and that he was working on. It's nice when he's open about what he is working about. For a long time he told me nothing about what he was writing about. That's why I was so shocked about 'Superman'. I didn't see that coming.

"Okay, I gotta go," I sighed getting up off the lounge.

Marshall frowned and got up on his feet, following me out to the front door; he took my hand from my side and pulled me back. Our eyes met and Marshall pulled me into him, his lips crashed against mine, they parted and grazed together. Marshall's kiss was firm, his embrace was warm and for a moment I didn't want to go to work.

"I'm gonna be late..." I whispered as Marshall continued to kiss my neck softly.

Marshall's eyes met mine, his breath was fresh and his lips curled into a smirk. He told me to have a good day, that I was beautiful and that he loved me. It's not the attitude the public sees, people think Marshall is vulgar, rude, a womaniser. But he's not.

It was just me and Emma on today, Tuesday's are generally slow so we only need a couple of people to work.

"You're chirpy today," Emma told me sarcastically with a smile spreading across her red lips.

I just shrugged and she smiled as I hung some dressed on the rack closest to the front desk. For some reason I wasn't in the mood. We were opening in fifteen minutes and we still had to put new stock on the racks, on the shelves and stuff. Jason should have done it last night before he locked up but he didn't.

"How is sunshine?" I heard Emma question behind me and I sighed.

"He's fine," I answered rolling my eyes irritably.

After a moment I escaped to the bathroom before Emma opened the doors. I usually can survive over six hours without a Vike, but in that moment I just needed a fix. I can't remember when I started, maybe before I met Marshall it's kind of hazy and distant. All I know is that I'm still swimming in the shallow end and it's not becoming a problem.

Just before lunch Emma and I decided to close down early, we only had six people come in all morning and I couldn't stand around all day when my boyfriend was sitting at home. Our boss wouldn't mind, to be honest I don't know why she takes Tuesday off of the list of open days.

"Do you wanna go to the pub for lunch?" Emma asked as we exited the shop.

"Nah I'm just gonna go home," I sighed finding my keys to the car.

"Alright," Emma shrugged unfazed by my decline. "See you later."

We parted ways and I got into the car, watching Emma stroll down the street, lighting a cigarette. You could say Emma and I are friends, but I don't know much about her. Marshall wasn't home when I got there. There was a note on the fridge with a C alphabet magnet on it. It just said he was going to be home soon and that he was brining food for dinner, nothing special. My feet were aching, even though there wasn't much work to be done. I run myself a bath, picked up a book and I lit up the joint that Emma gave me.

Much later that night, I was curled up on the floor infront of the fire, my body buzzing. I felt like I was floating and it didn't occur to me that Marshal was late.

"Babe, your fuckin' eyes," Marshall chuckled when he found me and I curled up next to me, giving me a juicy kiss.

I smirked and said, "I can smell KFC."

Marshall laughed and kissed me softly, biting my lower lip and slipping his hand under my shirt to run his fingers over my ribs. He went into the kitchen to plate up the food, I listened to him, I didn't want to get up I was too relaxed. Too content with lying on the floor.

"Chris get up," Marshall sighed with a chuckle.

I opened my eyes again, slowly getting up and and sat next to Marshall on the couch.

"Did you make this yourself?" I asked.

Marshall looked at me and smirked.

"Just for you, kid."

The End

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