I gazed out the window from my comfortable spot on the sill with a large hot cup of coco. The storm was fierce; the snow lay thick on the ground and was piling up fast. The forceful wind could knock over power poles or even trees but it didn’t worry me. The whiteness was kinda pretty, even though it would have been scary to be outside in that misery.

It’s been a bit full on outside since I woke up early this morning which was… very early. Marshall is still sleeping, he would be mad at me if I woke him up. After a long time looking out into the snow storm I thought it was so pretty I wanted to painted it. But the whole page would be white, I smiled at the thought; yeah it’d be pointless trying to paint this.

“Chris,” I heard Marshall’s sleepy voice purr behind me.

I looked up from my coco to see him shrug on a jumper, his eyes met mine and I smiled. Marshall gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and moved to the lounge where he sat.

“Hey,” I got up, setting my cup on the table between the lounge and the TV, I sat next to Marshall and cuddled up to him.

“You’re warm,” I told him quietly. “Do you want a coffee?”

I looked up at him and Marshall’s lips curled into a smile, he accepted the offer and before I left for the kitchen I gave him a firm kiss. Marshall wrapped his arms around me and pulled me onto him.

“I love you, baby,” Marshall told me, his voice rippled and his eyes were steady on mine.

“Me too,” I grinned, loving the affection he was giving me.

I dunno if they have a ‘to do’ list of things to do when you’re stuck inside for a couple of day during a snow storm but the weather made me sleepy.

For most of that day I lounged around, even fell asleep at one point but I also watched Marshall making music in his studio. He didn’t mind me being there, but I think he was lost in that world he goes to when he starts writing.

That night Marshall surprised me and made dinner, he woke me up, lying beside me, extending his arms around my body, kissing my neck and whispering in my ear. I didn’t want to open my eyes; I was having the best dream; which I didn’t remember.

“You better have a good reason for this Marshall,” I groaned unhappily.

“I made dinner,” he told me, almost surprised I wasn’t happy with him.

I opened my left eye only to look at him; Marshall smiled and said he’d give me a moment and that he had the check on something. After he was gone I sighed, sitting up trying to wake myself up a bit. Eventually I pulled the covers off me, setting my feet on the wooden floor. I may have been asleep for three hours and I was grateful Marshall let me snooze. The weather made me tired, more than usual.

“Smells good,” I walked into the kitchen and Marshall turned around.

He smirked and told me he’d bring it out to me, he told me to sit at the fire. It was kinda romantic. I chuckled and made me way out of the room, the TV was on mute the station was a music channel which is the norm to be playing around here. We normally eat here, in front of the fire especially in winter. When the kids are around though we sit at the table. Sometimes Marshall eats in the studio. But mostly we eat together.

Marshall appeared beside me on the couch and placed my bowl of spaghetti on the coffee table, with a glass of wine and some garlic bread.

“Thank you,” I said with a smile and Marshall grinned.


The next morning I got up early to do some washing, Marshall and I didn’t go to bed until late and he was still sleeping. On the news they said the snow storm was going to subside by tonight or tomorrow, as much as it’s nice staying inside and stuff I was kinda itching to get to work.
I returned to the bedroom, and walked into the bathroom. A pair of hands grabbed me and my heart leapt. Marshall pulled me closer to him and stole my lips. His embrace was strong and secure, he took my breath away. Before I could comprehend anything we were on the bed, Marshall was on top, touching my skin and kissing me everywhere.

He was playful, gentle but at the same time he was passionate. Our clothes were discarded onto the floor around the bed where we sunk deeper in. Marshall cupped my breasts and made my skin tingle. I almost forgot where I was, I almost lost myself in the moment. Everything around us was hazed; it was just us, bare and stripped down. It was just us our souls glowing and our hearts vibrating. We hadn’t been this close for a long time.

My neck arched as he entered me, I let out a little sigh and our eyes met before Marshall kissed me again, hungrily, parting our lips. I clung onto him as he thrusted gently, getting faster and deeper by the minute. He lay down closer to my body and I wrapped my arms around his neck, lightly scratching my nails down his back.
It was romantic like, serious love making. Not fucking. Not having sex. Genuinely making love because we loved each other.

“Marshall...” I gasped as I could feel my private area getting tingly and I knew I was about to climax.

Marshall picked up the speed, he let my body convulse under him, he let me climax. I let out strangled moans and high pitched gasps as I came. I felt him inside me, twitching a little before he groaned quietly. Marshall fell onto me, his lips grazed mine and he smile. He rolled over and I jumped on top, tell him I loved him.

The End

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