Snow StormMature

Marshall woke me up this morning just to tell me that he loved me. I was half asleep and he cuddled me really tight, kissing my neck and playing with my hands. Normally it would annoy the shit outta me if he did something like that, but it was quite nice to have that kind of affection. When I started to fully awake and get a grasp of my surroundings properly and get in tune with my senses Marshall took me downstairs and made me coffee, attempted to make breakfast which came out really nice. He was pampering me and I loved it.

“There’s gonna be a huge snow storm,” I shuffled into the kitchen where Marshall was making some eggs.

“Really?” he turned around to face me for a moment.

“Yeah, I better go down the street and get more food. Looks like we might be inside for a while.”

“No, baby I’ll go,” Marshall told me and I asked him if he was sure and he told me right after we ate he’d go out and get some things.

“Okay,” I shrugged and went back into the lounge room to watch more of the news.

Everything was going really good with Marshall and I. We have been talking a little bit more which solved a lot of issues. I was still scared that we’d fight again and Marshall would leave. But to be fair he hasn’t left before, we’ve always been able to stick it out even if that meant sleeping in separate rooms.

Anyway Marshall left soon after we had eaten and I was alone again. I dunno why, but after a long time by yourself you kinda dread being alone. To entertain myself I called Sandra, to find out what was going to happen with work. She said she was going to close down just in case so I didn’t need to worry about coming in tomorrow or the next day.

Emma rocked up. High, as usual. She only makes her way over here when she’s stoned and when Marshall isn’t around. I have no idea how she does it but it’s better than Marshall being icy towards her. I have no idea what that’s about either.

“I was on my way home, thought I’d come and see how you’re doing,” she told me as I let her through the door.

“We’re gonna have a snow storm soon,” I told her as she walked down the hall with a big of a stagger.

“I won’t be long; Sandra called me and told me. I just wanted to know if you needed any weed cos we probably won’t be able to go outside,”

How thoughtful, Emma.

I sat on the wide windowsill, looking out at the whiteness that covered the whole front yard and even froze the small pond near the gate. All my fish would be dead, which was a small tragedy. It had been an hour or so since Marshall left, Emma made her way home when it started to snow. She left me with some green shit. Weed isn’t my go to drug, but I do enjoy it sometimes, only when I’m with someone. I hate not knowing what could happen if I was to do it alone. I had a friend once who was high by himself and chopping off one of his fingers.

I was starting to get a little worried when Marshall hadn’t been home for three hours, then I thought he might have seen the kids for a little or something. It seemed like a reasonable excuse and actually turned out to be true.

“No need to worry,” Marshall smirked when I opened the door before he got the chance.

I guess he knew but the relieved look on my face.

“Stay inside,” he told me. “It’s too cold.”

I giggled loudly trying to contain myself, Marshall lay on the bed relaxed, his eyes were squinty but sexy at the same time. It was starting to storm and I loved the look of snow on the ground. I saw every snow flake close up, they fell in slow-motion and it made me feel giddy.

“Come lay down,” Marshall’s voice dragged lazily as he watched me gazed out the bedroom window.

I did as I was told, my movements were slow and I felt strange but I liked it. I lay next to Marshall, resting my head on his chest and his heart beats were amplified. I loved him like mad; it almost hurt to love him so much.

“I missed you,” I told Marshall, kissing his neck as my high started to fade away.

“Yeah?” he replied, his deep voice rippled. “I was only gone for a few hours.”

I sighed, grinning and whispered, “I meant since you left.”

Marshall chuckled; I could feel his chest moving as he did so.

“Baby I missed you too,” I heard him mumble and I could sense his vulnerability as he spoke.

I told him I loved him and started to feel sleepy, it was a nice feeling. Marshall’s arms around me tightened, I liked the security. I liked how he made me feel save.

“Are you asleep,” Marshall asked a long time later and I awoke so suddenly, being ripped from my dream.

“Nope,” I sighed looking up at him. “No, but I was.”

“Sorry...” he smirked as I kissed the side of his mouth.

We were silent for a moment, kissing, being cute, before I giggled.

“I’m starving,”

Marshall just laughed; I got off the bed and made my way into the kitchen. My chest was buzzing with love, I heard Marshall behind me, he stole my body from me and embraced me like I was going away for a million years, never to return.
I loved that he needed me, as much as I needed him.

The End

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