I stayed away from work until the high mellowed down, only returning when I felt a little normal. Nobody noticed, well, apart from Emma. The day went really fast after that and it wasn’t long until Emma and I were allowed to go.

“You’ve perked up,” she told me, even though she knew exactly why.

I nodded, sipping on my coffee still possessing the buzzed feeling from the Vike. I saw Emma grin from the corner of my eye and she asked me if I wanted any Grass. I said no. I was quite content with what I had. Emma took me home and I sat in the passenger seat in a haze.

“Say hey to lover boy for me,” Emma told me with a smirk and cheek in her tone.

“Emma you know he doesn’t like you, right?” I laughed facing her as she parked in the driveway behind the two cars.

“I’m aware,” she shrugged. “Enjoy your day off tomorrow.”

“I will,” I giggled scrambling out the car with a bit of difficulty cos I felt numb. “Bye.”

I’m not sure why Marshall doesn’t like Emma. To be fair, he’s only met her a few times and she was high as a fucking kite. I don’t know why that would annoy Marshall though. Maybe it’s her personality or maybe Marshall just doesn’t like anyone.
He was in bed already and fast asleep. His breath was heavy and he was curled onto his side. Marshall is adorable when he sleep. When I came into the room the floor boards creaked and the door gave a soft thud when I closed it. I stopped in my tracks, afraid that he would wake up and get shitty with me.

“Chris?” I heard him mumble into the darkness and I bit my lip really hard.

“Sorry baby,” I sighed.

“S’kay. Come to bed?”

“Yeah... shower first,”

The water prickled my skin, my body was still buzzing from my last hit. I loved the way the water felt, the scorching hot was nice. I couldn’t even feel the burn. I must’ve been there for a long time but it went so fast, light lightning. One minute I was in there, the next I was laying next to Marshall. I took one more pill before bed; it made me sleepy but alert at the same time. Marshall listened to me yabber away, it made me talkative. I loved it.
I loved feeling the euphoria.

The End

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