Marshall dropped me off at work as he was going into the studio to do something. Emma was standing out the front taking long drags of her cigarette, she looked up and her lips twisted into a smile as she gave me a short wave. I turned to Marshall who draped his wrists over the steering wheel.

“I’ll get a lift home with Emma,” I said and he shrugged. “Will you be home?”

Marshall nodded and told me he wasn’t going anywhere, he gave me a kiss but I didn’t want to linger for too long because Emma was watching us.

“Bye baby,” I heard Marshall say as I got out of the car, slinging my bag over my shoulder and make my way towards the shop front.

“Hey girl,” Emma greeted me with a smirk. “So… Marshall’s back?”

I sighed and nodded, Emma handed me the last of her smoke and I took a drag.

I get anxious going to work sometimes, I’m not exactly sure why but I do. Emma watched me finished the ciggie.

“Tell me later, kay? I have some shit at home,” Emma told me and I knew what she was on about.

“Alright,” I shivered.

“Are you okay?” she frowned, her dark brows knitted together.

“I’m withdrawing…” I mumbled and Emma’s face softened to a sympathetic expression. “I don’t have any Vick. Marshall took my last bit.”

Emma nodded and told me to act cool incase boss lady noticed anything. I sighed and my ears pricked up to the sound of Sandra’s voice inside.

“We should go in,” Emma exhaled and led me in, looking back at me for a moment with concern.


It’s a small shop, nothing special, the money is pretty drab. I’ve been working here for almost a year and I feel stuck. We sell pretty much anything including bongs and pipes which is weird because Sandra is against drugs of any kind. The place isn’t really busy. Maybe on Thursday nights when its late night shopping but we see the same faces coming in here all the time. When it’s slow, like today, I find it hard to keep focused. Today especially, I don’t have any junk on me and I haven’t had any since last night.

“Crystal, are you okay?” Sandra asked me at one stage, I was on my lunch break in the staff room but I wasn’t feeling very well, starting to feel the effects of withdrawals already.

I looked up, my eyes watery from sneezing and said, “I don’t feel great.”

Sandra is kind, despite her hard exterior. She sat down beside me and looked at me. I felt self-conscious about my bad skin, blemishes and dark bags under my eyes.

“You’re not pregnant are you?” Emma came in, loudly.

“Emma get back out of the floor, who’s at the register?” Sandra shot back, fiery.

Emma chuckled and as she left with Sandra’s head turned she gave me soothing expression.

“I think you should go home, unless you want to take a breather for half an hour. Get something to eat some fresh air and come back?” Sandra said her green eyes watching mine closely.

“I think I need something to eat,” I told her with a short nod.
Sandra nodded and told me to take my time. I left and went straight to the drug store.

The End

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