1. PrefaceMature

-The fire in her eyes
grew dim and then died
as the poison inside
reached her heart
And the coldest bliss
faith ceased to exist
as we grew apart
like never before-
We were explosive, flammable. We set off like fire works, sparks flew everywhere. We were like one person, one soul, molded together until something ripped us apart. Something I could never figure out what is was, it was dangerous, it was toxic, it was something that could destroy anything in it's path. I didn't realize soon

Crystal sighed deeply as she counted the end of day takings from the till. Her eyes shifted through note after note, flicking up towards the clock on the wall quickly after the last dollar was memorized in her mind. She felt oh so bored, itching to get home, to the empty house she loathed. For two weeks she loved the term ‘work’ offering to come in everyday out of sheer loneliness. But today she longed to be at home, run a hot bubbly bath and relax to some good music. If time ever decided to speed up.

Emma, a tall, lanky blonde appeared beside Crystal and checked the roster that was situated in the first drawer. Crystal looked up from her notes and the two girls made eye contact, both smirked even though nothing was particularly funny.

“Crystal,” shouted a voice from the left of the shop.

Crystal’s ears perked up and her heart picked up in space, only for a second as she replied, “Yes Sandra?”

“You can go home, is Emma there?” Sandra, the boss lady, old but quite cool called out, presumably from the staff room where she stayed most of her shift, completing paper work or something.

“I’m here, boss.” Emma sighed, though loud enough for anyone to hear her.

Crystal moved from the front desk quickly moving into the second staff room which was allocated for ‘team’ members and grabbed her bag. She called a farewell, making it out the shop door only to grumble, remembering that she needed to clock off.

“I did it for you,” Emma appeared behind her, almost scaring the shit out of her.

“Thanks… do you need a lift home?”
“Cheers, Chrissie,”

In the car, Emma lit up a joint. Which didn’t bother Crystal, but managed to resist temptation when Emma offered her a drag. Crystal once had a bad experience with weed on the wheels and crashed into somebody’s mail box. Not hurting anybody but definitely scared away from lighting up whilst driving. Emma was different though, she could smoke all day everyday and anywhere if she really wanted to.

“Thanks for the lift, Chrissie,” Emma slurred happily as she scrambled out of the car with a doobie hanging from her thin lips.

“No worries,” Crystal chuckled and proceeded to pull away from the curb and travel down the road.

Crystal pulled up in her driveway, noticing the black shiny hummer next to her. Her heart almost exploded, if that’s possible. She sat there, cutting the engine, trying to gather her thoughts.

He was in the lounge room, listing to soft music, looking through a magazine. His aftershave smelt nice and tingled Crystal’s senses. Marshall was home, after two weeks of absence and no contact. Crystal knew it was a good thing, if he had decided to leave her he would be gone with his stuff.

“Hey…” Marshall looked up, giving her girlfriend a small smile.

“Hey,” she replied dropping her back to floor and waited for him to talk.

Marshall got up, standing taller than Crystal. He said he was sorry and quickly embraced Crystal, tightly, with love, letting her know that everything was okay.
She believed it was.

The End

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