After the medics carted Lilly off to the safety of the ambulance and assured me she’d be fine after they pumped her stomach of the pills she had mistaken for candy, I called her mom and explained the situation.  It was a brief call, but it drained me of everything I had left.  I sank into his bed.  I had no more tears to cry. Instead, my eyes scanned his room.  I had never been in it before.  He had always claimed it to be his man-cave. On the wall,  pictures John had drawn looked back at me.  Some were pictures of me.

And I was prety.

I just stared up at it in wonder and that was how he found me.  When our eyes met, his eyes were wild with uncertainty, pain, and something like desire.  He walked toward me confidently and smoothed my hair back from my face.



And I kissed her like I should have a very long time ago.

The End

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